Critique my plan for the upcoming season

I am not training for any event. My main goal is to get fitter so that I can enjoy riding my bike for longer distances without getting a high cardiac drift. This is my second year of trainerroad, and my FTP after completing a base-build-specialty cycle this summer was 311W (4.5w/kg). 200-236W was my endurance zone, so I was really flying on the road!

I started the offseason with 2 weeks completely off the bike. Based on how I feel while riding at different wattages, my FTP is around 270-280W. Consistent warm weather begins in June where I live and lasts till October.

My plan for this season is to begin training next week until May 23. After that, I will take one week completely off the bike. After the week off, I will switch to maintenance where I will maintain what I have gained from the base-build-specialty cycle. My main plan is to maintain my muscular endurance so that I can take turns on my local group rides without fading. To maintain my muscular endurance, I will be doing 1 sweetspot workout per week. I will continue doing this until mid-November where I will end my season.

The training plans I will follow for next season based on my experience are: Sweetspot base low volume 1 > Sweetspot base low volume 2> General Build low volume > Rolling Road Race low volume. I would add additional volume, and that would be through endurance rides. I would like to know what you think of my plan, and is there anything I can do in order to be better according to you?

Just out of curiosity, did you put your date of May 23 into Plan Builder, along with your experience, just to see what it recommended?

Personally, I like the sound of your plan. Low Vol gets results and leaves you time to ride outside, should you wish. If you followed Low Vol last year, you achieved great results. Congratulations! Just one thing that’s occurred to me. Your body might have adapted to this level of stress. You might have to throw something extra at it to see results like you saw last year.

Yes, and it gave me SSB LV1> SSB LV2> General Build LV > Rolling Road Race LV. I am open to changing the discipline to something else as I just want to get fitter. Sustained power build > Time trial will also do for me.

I tried a high volume plan at the start of 2019 and failed miserably. I was not able to stick to the plan as I just lost the motivation to train. It wears me out physically and mentally, so I prefer sticking to low volume and adding volume from there. I already do a 4 hour endurance ride during the weekend so that should be a huge stiumulus to me on top of my strength training, and a mid week shorter endurance ride.

Sounds good to me also. The only suggestion I might have depends on the make up of your group ride. Is it an attacking, race-like ride or more steady state, taking pulls? If the former, then the rolling road race plan is the way to go. If it is more of the latter then maybe the Century plan is the way to go as it would focus more on muscular endurance and steadier state efforts while the rolling road race plan would have more high power attack then settle in kind of efforts.

But then you may also find the spikier efforts to be more fun and interesting. So I don’t think you could go wrong with either one but just something to consider!

It is actually a mix of both as far as I can recall from this summer. Rolling road race would be an option then.

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Sounds like you’re on the right track then!

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