Craziest Place/Set-up You Have Used for a Trainer Ride?

I am currently in a situation where it is hard to ride the trainer at my house (long story). I was trying to figure out ways to have a bike on a trainer at or near my office and came up with some very questionable ideas:

  1. In the parking garage under our building behind my parked car so it wouldn’t be super obvious
  2. Renting a storage unit and riding inside

This semi-ridiculous thought process had me wondering: what is the craziest place/set-up others have used?

…and if you have any creative suggestions for how to ride my bike on a trainer during lunch, I’m all ears!

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I saw an IG video of a girl riding her smart trainer inside an RV while her boyfriend was driving to VOS just a couple weekends ago. She’s serious.

As for me, it’s my garage and pre-race warm-ups. I keep it basic.

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I bring my trainer along to the track during DE (Drivers Education - people lapping in their cars - I’m an instructor so I usually have 1 or 2 students assigned to me) or race weekends and set it up beside the race cars in the paddock with either a stack of tires or a fuel drum as a stand for my laptop.

That’s really cool! Where are you located? I’d love to attend something like that.