COVID Vaccine Shots and Training

Follow up here too: 2nd Jab 2 days ago (Sunday). Felt fine that day, slept ok (conversely to my first dose) was completely spaced out all day Monday. Fatigue, brain fog, just felt out of sorts/not with it. Again slept fine, got up this morning and smashed a VO2 workout. Feel great.

Got my 2nd dose of Pfizer yesterday and felt fine yesterday, I did a sweet spot session this morning since I felt ok this morning when I woke up other than a little tired but now I feel shot. While training my rpe was a elevated and my hr was about 5 beats higher than normal but now after training I feel very achy, exhausted and feverish, had I felt like this when I woke up I would have done things differently

The key question remains how effective training after a vaccine shot is if you have any noteworthy symptoms. I know I would keep my feet up - same as with illness…
Compromised training effect and a compromised response to the vaccine would be a lose-lose situation. I don’t know how likely that is, but I guess it is not worth risking.

I just wish I were on AT by now :laughing:


Got my second shot of Biontech/ Pfizer yesterday. Exactly the same condition as with the first jab. The shoulder felt like I fell on it … which is basically the same symptoms I had when I got a tetanus shot 3 years ago.
This was most prevalent during the night.
Also, yesterday during the day, I was pretty tired.

Besides that: Nothing. Today, I did an easy ride and was all fine.

Any consensus on which one seems to have the least amount of side effects?

2nd shot with Moderna yesterday morning. Similar if slightly less symptoms than after the first jab: a bit tired in the afternoon and as said above “the shoulder felt like I fell on it”; this time I had no impairment in moving the arm higher than horizontal though.

Today easy yoga in the morning and Tallac +2, 90 minutes sweet spot with PL=6.5 instead of the 1 hour Venado +1 (PL=7.5) that AT had scheduled in the afternoon. Quads and hamstrings hurt a bit in last two intervals and it certainly took more (mental) effort than Tuesday’s Geiger +2, which is very similar, so I rated it “moderate” instead of “easy”.

Getting the jabs in a neighbouring village meant getting them 10 days earlier than at the nearest location; both times lovely weather so a very nice 25km bonus bicycle ride :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah felt similar in the arm after Pfizer (only had my 1st shot on Sunday). Not fatigued, felt rather normal the days after.

Sent my bike with a courier to my holiday destination on Sunday so having had a few gap days without the bike until flying out I’ve been running and rowing. Especially rowing strokes haven’t been affected at all, so physical exercise despite soreness in the arm seems to work fine. :v:t3:

Got my 1st Pfizer shot a few days ago (woohoo finally :tada: ). No side effects other than the usual pain in the arm. Did Warlow +1 the next day. No issues. Ok I did only 4 out of the 5 sets, but that was mostly for time reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Second shot of moderna yesterday. Feeling wiped out with headache and mild fever.

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32y/o M, Pfizer. Had my first shot a little over 24 hours ago. Resting heart rate and HRV are perfectly normal, I feel fine aside from a really sore shoulder at the injection site. Just to be safe I took yesterday off and did a 1 hour workout at recovery pace today. Will resume normal training tomorrow.

2nd AZ last night and as the same as the first shot. Absolutely naff all in terms of side affects. I do take my HRV score every morning and both times the score was static but marked with red to suggest my ‘system’ was stressed or over active. Following morning back to normal.

39 F, 2nd Pfizer with 8 week gap.
Barely felt the injection go in, arm less sore than the first time.
Body temperature slightly higher than usual going to sleep that night, but otherwise no other side effects. Felt like I got off lightly!

Had my 2nd dose of Moderna 7 days ago (40/M) and have felt pretty crappy on the bike ever since, like all the power has gone from my legs. Going to have a rest week and see if that helps!

After 2 weeks of 2nd Moderna shot still feeling tired and off (42/m). I’m taking a couple of days rest…:frowning:

1st shot: AZ
Was knocked out for 48hours (fever, etc.), felt flat for one week. After that I felt fine again.

2nd shot: Biontech
Felt fine at first. But after my first workouts I felt totally shattered and experienced headaches. Those hold on for more than two weeks. I am pretty sure they were triggered by the 2nd shot. After 2.5 weeks things got (finally) better. At the end of the third week, I felt fine again.

I ran into a team mate the other day who told me he has not been the same on the bike since his second Pfizer dose. He doesn’t feel bad per se just getting into the red at lower power metrics and he said something about his Garmin VO2 dropped 20 points pre/post vaccine.

Anyways, he’s the first I’ve chatted with that has had a decline in training from the vaccine (assuming it is due to the vaccine). His second shot was in May.

hopefully it resolves for him. I think the typically minor heart inflammation is a legit side effect. As I’ve mentioned it took me a month to get back to normal. Orange is HRV. Blue is resting heart rate. I’m sure you can tell when I got my shot. Good news is, after a month, I’ve never been better. Hopefully he fully recovers.

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Hey all,
I know I posted a bunch about my experience earlier (look for my rash pic) but I wanted to give an update. First and second were in April and may respectively. Felt exhausted for a long time.
Now, two to three months later, my HRV has, on average, doubled and tripled compared to what it was around the time of both shots. Only recently have I seen this upward trend. I’m also, on average, sleeping better. I know it’s impossible to make a direct correlation, bit prior to my shots I was consistently improving fitness, then plateaued from April till July, now I’m back to improving. Considering my reaction to the shot initially and that nothing in my life has changed otherwise (if anything I’m busier now than then), it’s possible to attribute it to the shots and that I am only now getting back to 100%

Hi all, 36/M here. Second dose of Pfizer/Biontech last week.

First dose didn’t have side effects aside for sore shoulder for a couple of days.

Second dose had me sleepy and headachy from roughly 6 to 24h after the vaccine.

Both dose were followed by a string of all-time PRs. I jokingly question if the vaccine is legal doping, or if that has something to do with the fact I scheduled rest weeks after the vaccines and actually took that seriously for a change…

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