COVID Vaccine Shots and Training

I have had both jabs now (pfizer), other than a sore arm I felt fine after the first one. Had a few chills and felt very tired the day after my second jab but still went out for a club run that evening and had all went ok.

It’s been quite a while since my 2nd pfizer. Second shot left me with horrible, stabbing headaches night and day for three weeks. Wish I hadn’t gone for the second shot since the first was undoubtedly good enough. I’m still pretty much done with any training due to post-acute covid sequelae other than some occasional light exercise when I feel up to it. Not planning on having the booster whenever those eventually come out given what I went through after #2.

52 Yo male - Had my first shot yesterday morning, did Baxter last night and felt fine. Bit dusty today (run down, head ache etc), at work but left a bit early and will cancel tommorrow session and replace with easy roll outside. So far nothing to be worried about.

Morning after follow up - I feel absolutely fine with no ill effects. Looks like my race on Saturday is on!

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37 y/o male on mid volume - Got a J&J shot on Monday at noon. Was debilitated starting at 9pm with a fever, lots of body aches. Woke up Tuesday with a massive headache, so skipped my Tuesday ride. Completed my Tuesday ride on Wednesday (0.86IF) with no issues, did my normal Thursday ride (0.85IF) also no issues. Feel completely back to normal.

Effects lasted about 24 hours after getting shot.

Had my second AZ shot yesterday morning, not noticed anything untoward since. Went for a steady endurance ride (I’m on a recovery week anyway) and was fine.

Should have had it last Wednesday but due to traffic and accidents we didn’t get back in time so I rescheduled it.

@route66 - the consensus seems to be that with the AZ you feel bad after the first and OK after the second but with the Pfizer it’s the other way round. I don’t think there’s any reliable data about how any booster shots affect you. Currently they don’t know how long the vaccine is effective for - but since it’s related to flu it’s likely to be annual.

Do you mean the virus? It’s not related to flu - flu is influeza, it’s a virus that changes a lot more than the coronaviruses. Current studies show antibodies against this coronavirus for a few months, but the immune response could well be longer (antibodies vanish at some point, but can be re-made from the immune system memory). With Sars (a coronavirus, of course), an immune reaction could still be found after 12 years (in a lab study, using immune cells from sars survivors). So the vaccine might possible last a decade!

Here’s a paper on the memory t cells’ longevity.

Had my second pfizer yday.

Non issues at all, actually feel really good! Nothing much from either, only slight sore arm.

Getting my first dose Monday afternoon so I plan to do an easier endurance ride Tuesday rather than a higher intensity session. Hopefully all goes well

I got my 2nd dose of AZ yesterday and thankfully I have barely reacted to that. My arm is a bit stiff and I might have a mildly cloudy head. My RHR this time has only went up 1-2bpm (it went up 5-6bpm after my first dose). I have an FTP test tonight but I might be lazy and skip it and watch the Euros instead. I could go out for a short session at lunchtime instead :thinking:

I’d vote for not doing an FTP test. Had my second AZ on Saturday, spend all Sunday with a bad headache, but felt fine on Monday morning. Did 45min of z2 with bursts last night and am still feeling it today! That session shouldn’t have took it out of me like that. Think even if you can do the ftp test, you might do more harm then good. The immune system needs time to react to and get over the vaccine.

Off course, everyone is different and there are plenty in here that seem to have had no effects and just carried on training as usual.

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Thanks, I’ve already hit the idea of an FTP test on the head and I think I’ll give any notion of an w/o a miss for the day too. I don’t feel bad this time but there’s something lingering annoyingly there and maybe if I did push I would feel bad and in the longer term I don’t think it would be productive.

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Interesting after my second dose I felt ok at first then lethargic and tired for about a month. A few others I mentioned this to said they felt the same.

Sounds like my first dose. I don’t know if it made any difference but I seemed to sleep better after the 2nd. I do have a lingering feeling (not quite a headache but there) and whilst I do feel up to some activity I don’t want to aggravate it. Lol, shouting at the tv will probably be enough aggravation :rofl:

The night off seems to have worked my RHR is back to normal and the sore arm has disappeared after 2days.

35Y M, first Pfizer dose a few days back. Sore arm, and nothing else. Normal resting heart rate, no other effect whatsoever.

Hopefully the second shot is equally tame