COVID Vaccine Shots and Training

I felt pretty normal (with slight lingering headache) 2 days out, did a 3h gravel ride 3 days out with no problem, and on day 5 did threshold over-unders.

Pfizer #2 yesterday. Just like #1 I got a little tired later in the day but no big deal. Unlike #1 woke up today with a big time headache and body aches.

Worth it for sure, but definitely going to take it easy today and maybe tomorrow.

Update: The body aches and headache lasted all day the day after getting #2. Had no interest in even attempting to ride. Woke up day three feeling pretty good. Decided to pass on any structured training and just do an “ez group ride” on Zwift (should have known better :man_facepalming:). Went way too hard and totally fell apart after about 45 minutes.

Took the next day totally off and feel fine today. Will dive back into my training plan this afternoon.

Got J&J on Monday. Nothing immediate, but awful night - chills then sweats and back again. Anxious and couldn’t sleep. Thought it was morning at 1am. RHR way up (20bpm) as well as respiratory rate. Whoop recovery of 1% next day. Skipped my workout (and pretty much everything else). Wednesday, all was back to normal and completed VO2 max interval workout. Seems different for everyone but I’d probably recommend planning to rest if needed the day after.


Just helped 4 people get appt’s in the next couple of days…the Walgreens in our town dropped a ton of appt’s. You could even choose between Moderna and J&J.

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Done and delighted, as posted earlier. But dismayed that a friend is on the fence about even whether – not politically or religiously motivated, or overtly anti-science. Just wanted to “wait and see,” “to be on safe side.” !!! I held my tongue, which was tied up anyway, and a few days later sent him a link to this thread because it had 350+ anecdotal reports, covering all vaccines. All I added was that I hadn’t seen any regrets. But TBH I haven’t checked every last one.

So: regardless of whether you had no, mild, or heavy side effects, is there anyone here who has been vaccinated who regrets that decision and wouldn’t get vaccinated if they had it to do over again?

My employer is giving $100 gift cards to those who get vaccinated…all the anti-vaxxers are crying that it isnt fair and that they are being bribed to get it…oh please!


I got my second dose of the Pfizer 2 weeks ago. I experienced solid malaise. I’m glad I took the day off of work. To me, it felt like a solid hangover - but a hangover that was perfectly distributed throughout every bit of my body that has sense receptors. I took 600mg of ibuprofen about 4 hours after symptoms arose and it took the edge off greatly. I could have worked, but the quality and quantity of my output would have been poor at best. Training would have been out of the question for me.

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This thread was a big factor in my decision to get the vaccine. This feels like a rare place where you can get some honest answers and opinions about it.

As for regrets, none here but I’ve only had the first shot. I doubt the second will change that but I do expect some downtime from it.


No regrets (had about 24 hours of feeling crappy after Pfizer #2). My motivation for getting the vaccine was to 1. be able to get back into the classroom and teach and 2. hopefully be able to travel overseas so I can see my parents. I have never even had a flu shot before this but felt it was the best way to ensure I could safely be around the people I care about. The long term side effects from Covid were also alarming to me, I have a good friend who was a healthy triathlete, and 6 months later is still dealing with lung and fatigue issues from Covid.


I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders since getting vaccinated because I’m old enough that contracting COVID could have been trouble. Zero regrets. Thankful for all the hard work the people who developed, distributed and dispensed it.

Sure, I didn’t feel great the day after the second dose but it’s not like I was laid up. Even went to the store to grab a few things. And now being able to go out in public without feeling like a black cloud is hovering over me is priceless.


I had my AZ vaccine yesterday, cancelled training today. I seemed fine till about 5:41am and in between that and trying to get up for the club run at 7:45am it really went to town and forced me back to bed. Its probably hit me harder due to my bowel op and chemo the other year. I don’t know whether to believe the Vivioactive my average RHR has went from 49bpm yesterday to 55bpm today. A few hours later though apart from a mild headache I am back to normalish. A few hours of discomfort v potentially killing me/someone (exponentially) seems like a no brainer to me.

I had moderna. the day after my second dose, i felt a little lethargic and had some achy knees. i still went for a few 30+ minute walks. I was fine the following day and had a normal training week. M/30. Never been sick more than a day in my life, so I’m not shocked.

I regret not being able to get vaccinated earlier, and I regret having to argue with people about the importance of vaccination.


1st moderna shot had a sore arm only. This was on my rest day off on Friday. Perfect timing on my rest week. 2nd dose was Fri/yesterday. The day before was Darwin 4x10-minute intervals between 95-99% FTP. Today supposed to be Mary Austin-1. Decided to do Petite instead as the 2nd shot dropped my energy and had a slight fever when I woke up.

Update: Sunday, two days after #2 moderna, mostly normal. Mary Austin-1 completed Threshold 3@ 2x10 (1min recovery). Knocked down 5% on the last 2x10, so yeah still recovering a bit.

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AZ 1st shot. Developed a raised rash after 3 days on hip and ankle. Skin sensitive and tingling generally (about 1 in 100 get this) didn’t stop training… rash developed around crotch… 10 days off the bike before it vanished with no further treatment.

Wife had same vaccine, same batch. Sore arm, tired for 2 days and loose bowels for 2 days. No training done.

Friend had Phizer, fine 1st dose, 2nd dose dog tired for 2 weeks and had to do easy endurance rides instead of VO2 and Threshold sessions.

My biss had Pfizer #2 Friday…no side effects to either shot, except a slightly sore arm after the second one.

Played 18 yesterday and shot a 78…(which is a few strokes higher for him).

Late 30s. AZ first shot. No sore arm, very mild headache for a day or two. In my hard build week, resting heart rate not elevated above normal but took the next day slightly easier (just in case) Completed all hard workouts fine.

Fingers crossed that’s me/the world on the road to normality. The vivioactive probably isn’t 100% accurate but the 3rd morning (Monday) after my jab my average RHR is back to what it was before the vaccine (Friday 3.30pm).

As you might of read above on Friday apart from one soft stomach I thought I’d escaped things right up to 6am Saturday but when I got up for the club run 2 hours later I might’ve blacked out. So back to bed it was. 3hours later I woke naturally but felt like I had been through the mill and had a dull head. My average resting HR had increased from 49 to 55bpm if the vivioactive is to be believed.

On Sunday the head had cleared, I still felt I’d been through the mill though. But the average RHR had went down to 52bpm so I went out for a ride that ended up being 50miles.
This morning it still feels like I have been through the mill but the RHR is back to what it was pre, 49bpm. It’s a scheduled rest day so other than going for a 20min walk at lunchtime I don’t plan on anything but hopefully I’ll resume training tomorrow night.

It maybe hit me a wee bit harder after my relatively recent op & chemo in 2019 but the benefits for everyone still outweighs the short self discomfort.

46yrs old. Never had Covid as far as I know.
I had the 1st Pfizer vaccine 5 days ago, which by chance was in the middle of a recovery week.
I felt fine apart from a slight pain on the injection site - not painful enough to stop me sleeping on that side. The pain lasted 2 days at most.
I did my second recovery week endurance ride the next day with no problems - I had moved it to the day after the jab.
No change in RHR or my HR during the workouts.
Ramp tested today +9w.
Hoping for a similar experience with the 2nd jab.


Pfizer first shot last week. No real issues, some minor dizziness and felt the need for a nap on the 2nd day. Felt minor fatigue some days after the 2nd day. No fever, no pains. Kept training but couldn’t hit the targets at threshold and above. Just under was fine.

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