COVID vaccine and training

Update on my last post.
Almost a week after, and I feel just as bad.
I have had a bad reaction to milk and have stopped using it. I’m thinking gluten could be an issue too.
I occasionally get issues with those things ,but nothing like this.
I thought I 'd be ok on the bike but even in z2 I was breathing hard and my HR was much higher than usual for z 2.
I’m now really fed up, wondering how long this is going to drag on, and coping with the depression that goes with it.
I feels like having M.E.(I imagine).
Has anyone else reacted like this, and how did you cope without going insane :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’d strongly consider skipping the booster in your case. France is recommending a single vaccine dose to people who have had covid. For now, if I were you, I’d rest and stop all exercise other than maybe walking. Looking at your diet like you are is a good idea – cut out processed sugar, as well. Stay hydrated with electrolytes. An antihistamine might help if you are experiencing MCAS symptoms, and you might want to avoid high histamine foods for a while.

Thank you for this. For sure, the bike ride set me back some. I really don’t want to go through this again, as it will be May when I will be back working in construction, and also have my A race planned.
Interesting what they are doing in France.
Will speak with GP

I have received first dose of AstraZeneca yesterday. The night was trully horrible experience. Today I feel if I was hangover. Beside little pain in the arm no other issues today - simply tired from the night when I have had fever, chills etc.

Side effects apparently last about one day so will see. We will see if I can do even some 1h 0.5 IF spin in the evening.

Update: No bike for me. Headache and muscles pain are quite severe. It is now my longest brake from the bike (3 days).

Update 2: All the issues ended in 24h timeframe (almost to the hour - 12h for symptoms to develop, 24h to go away). Today I feel completely normal - little tired after yesterday but without side-effects.

Update 3: No side effects any more, bike ride was perfectly normal.

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I don’t expect to be offered vaccine till April. I’ll be looking to stick to Z2 rides for the week after. I also won’t do the mega long rides. My immune cells need energy just like any other cell.

Does anyone else have a similar experience to relate: Significant effects from 1st shot and then less so from second? I’m getting my second Moderna Thursday and not looking forward to a similar experience from the 1st… fever, chills, headache. Thanks.

First moderna shot was a breeze. Arm was sore and made it a nuisance to sleep on that side, but otherwise no symptoms.

Second shot was pretty brutal. Got it in the evening and 3-4 hours later could feel symptoms coming on while going to sleep. Muscle aches and general soreness all over. Woke up and went to pee and nearly threw up and passed out from nausea and a spinning head. Barely made it back to bed. Spent the next 24hrs with chills and muscle aches all over, feeling absolutely terrible. Lay in bed and on the couch all day, standing for any more than a minute or so was exhausting and dizzying. Went to bed and had cold sweats all night and changed my clothes 2 times when I woke up in the middle of the night soaking wet. Woke up in the am and felt surprisingly okay. (36hrs post shot) Tired and groggy but still did chores around the house all day on my feet. Then was pretty much 100% by the next day.

Figured that was all going to happen so I combined it with a week completely off the bike. Started riding again on Sunday and have felt pretty blah since. Usually I feel that way if I take a week off though, so not sure if vaccine/flu symptoms have anything to do with it. I’ve put in a couple hard efforts, but no workouts/long rides yet. Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow.

From everything I’ve read you get hit hard one time or the other (or neither), not both. If I were you I’d expect to feel fine or have a little arm soreness.

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Here’s My update:
Last Thursday I received the second dose of the Moderna Vaccine. My experience was very different from the first dose. Friday morning I woke up at 330am feeling like I got hit by a truck. Severe headache, fatigue and all over muscle soreness with a fever of 101. Spent the day on the couch and fever came down that evening. Slept about 9 hours and felt much improved Saturday though I did skip my planned workout(Kaweah was not happening). I did Petit on Monday but didn’t feel great after. I think I will be doing Z2 for the rest of this week and then pick up the plan again next week. Still not 100% but I attribute some of that to my work schedule flip flopping this week so I think it’s a good time for an unplanned recovery week :slight_smile:

So my best advice is please get vaccinated when you can, after the first dose if you feel fine then train on like I did but maybe plan a rest week after the second dose just in case.


I think if you get hard with first dose, it may be a sign you’ve had Covid 19 before.


First dose last night around 5 pm of Pfizer for my wife and I. Just sore arms so far 17 hours in - nothing more. Still going to take it easy today as a precaution.


Hey everyone,
I’m getting my 1st shot tomorrow and next week is recovery week in my training plan calendar.
The problem is, there are 2 hard workouts planned on the weekend: McAdie +1 (over-unders) and Conness.
My question is: should I move those 2 workouts into my recovery week or should I just continue as prescribed (and if I felt good, I would ride and endurance ride or 2 during the weekend)?

Got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. No problems with either shot other than the sore arm but that went away after a day or two. One of my buddies came to work the next day (after his second dose) and wasn’t feeling too well, but no fever or anything like that he was a bit run down is all.

Everyone else who got the vaccine where I work had no issues apart from the sore arm.

Update. Yesterday (within 24 hours of dose 1), I did end up doing a 30 minute easy jog instead of my planned 75 minute run with hill repeats. I felt fine going into it and ok during, but I was spent when I got back for the rest of the evening. Last night was a rather restless sleep. I didn’t feel sick at all, but I was just either way too hot or freezing all night so it was a game of blanket on, blanket off. Arm soreness is pretty much completely gone. My wife had the same sleep experience last night.

I am being extra cautious today and skipping my ride. I may go for a walk, but that’s primarily just to not miss the “nice” weather today (45 F, light wind and sunny).

I got the first dose of Moderna on February 8. I wasn’t sure how I would react so I removed the last week of SSB2 and replaced with a recovery week. I slept poorly the first night after the shot and woke up with a headache and fatigue. Did Pettit that night and felt ok. I had no lingering symptoms by Wednesday outside of a very sore arm. That continued through Friday. Ramp test for the next block was a week after the first dose and it went well. My second dose comes during a recovery week and I plan to stick with that. If I react badly, I’ll take whatever time off I need to - easy enough to reschedule my plan and I left room when I built it to have some bumps along way, leading up to a resumption of racing this spring/summer. I’ll post after my second dose.


Just happened upon this article today that is on point recommending rest for a day or two after vaccine. You may want skip your workout post COVID Vaccine

Or maybe a week or two for some of us…

I personally did not have any effect from the first shot and was able to complete my workouts as prescribed. However my second dose was a different story and I have since taken a recovery week. I would see how you feel after your first dose and if you are feeling good just carry on as prescribed but maybe plan some extra recovery/time off for after the second dose.

I just had my first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and it was a pretty wild ride. Had intense fever and shivers during the night, did not really feel like training yesterday and the same applies today. Still feeling pretty shaky.

Supposedly (that’s what the healthcare person administering the vaccine told me), the AZ vaccine has more severe side effects after the first shot, whereas the mRNA vaccines make you suffer after the second dose.