COVID vaccine and training

I got my vaccine earlier this month. I felt pretty run down for a few days and bombed a few work outs. From a training standpoint it impacted me for a week. But, in everyday life it wasn’t a big deal. I felt fine when not exercising or pushing myself.

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Interesting. I’ve not had a vaccine but a few of my friends who work in health care have, and they have reported no adverse symptoms.
Do you think it depends on the brand of vaccine you have been given. Can you choose which brand you receive?
Hope it doesn’t affect your training too much, but even if it does , it is worth the temporary unpleasantness!

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Second dose of Pfizer yesterday, arm pain and fever overnight, really myalgic and headachey this morning. Feel a bit better this afternoon. Similar to most of my colleagues. Some though that more severe symptoms if you have had Covid ( I have), and in those who exercise alot. Due to start SSBLV tomorrow, will probably reduce intensity or just do something easy if I’m still feeling a bit under the weather.

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How long ago was your covid case, how severe were your symptoms, and how long until you felt completely recovered (if you recovered completely)?

Hearing a lot of cases of fever and chills and much stronger adverse reactions regarding the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A lot of nurses call out of work the next day. Some are fine after taking a bunch of ibuprofen. Seems like a couple days of rest will definitely be needed after the second Pfizer dose. Hoping the Moderna one won’t be as bed the second time around. I will find out in February.

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Final update: second vaccine 1 week ago (Monday). One workout incomplete 24 hrs after shot (Tuesday). Nailed everything since then - VO2 max x 2 and endurance x 3.


In bed 3 days - febrile, myalgic, headaches. Off work 2/52. No breathlessness but super fatigued on return to exercise.
Only know getting back to pre-covid fitness, but some (alot) of that is that I work in ICU and stress/hours/nights been high.

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Update: received my second Pfizer dose Tuesday night. Didn’t feel anything besides a sore arm on Wednesday but still took it easy Wednesday. Today (Thursday) back on plan with Donner (3x12 min threshold).
Having said that I know plenty of my coworkers have felt like crap for 48-72 hrs while others are like me and didn’t feel anything. Each person is just different

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I had two jabs as part of the Novavax UK phase 3 trial in October late last year. I was mid SSB1 MV at the time - no side-effects so didn’t need to make any adjustments.

Mind you it could have been the placebo! I’ll get to find out when the trial results are announced, or when I get called up for vaccine appointment (they say they will un-blind my files in that case), whichever comes first.


Received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday afternoon. Friday’s are non-bike days, but I did my mobility/strength routine after work with no ill effects. Last night the injection area got sore, similar to a bruise that you’re constantly pushing on, hurts more with movement. Middle of the night, woke up with chills, mild achy head, and what I would describe is an increase in whole body fatigue. My RHR is up 5-6 bpm over my 7 day average, and my Garmin Instinct was logging constant stress reactions while sleeping. I think I will skip today’s 2hr Tempo ride. Next week is a recovery week. See how I feel tomorrow, and make a decision then on my 5hr Endurance ride, but I’m not holding my breath.


Allow myself to quote…myself. I got my second vaccine this week. My arm was definitely more sore than the first dose although I generally felt fine all week (got it on Monday). Week of workouts was weird though. Failed a threshold workout spectacularly yesterday and had a crummy ride on tuesday, but did a great 3h endurance MTB ride on Wednesday. :thinking:

Talking with people at work, side effects seem to be more intense after the second dose. Which is not surprising given that is what the approval data was showing, but it does seem to have born itself out. Whether this has anything to do with my subpar rides, who knows.


After first dose, I’ve notice Sweet Spot work is more of a no go than usual. So I’ve adapted and started doing some endurance workouts. Just don’t have it in me right now to hit those higher workouts. Best of luck!

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1st dose of the Pfizer jab today. Experienced immediate soreness in the arm kind of like small Charlie horse maybe. Felt a bit like the Anthrax vaccine but without the big knot.

Did some light arm exercises with a 10lb dumbbell to see if I could work the soreness out (pushups helped a lot with soreness from the Anthrax shots).

Then did my Ramp Test as scheduled. Only a 4 watt improvement but better than nothing for sure. Finished off with West Vidette -1. Virtually no VO2 work this last block and I’m starting on General Build mid volume.

We’ll see how it goes after the second shot.

Similar experience. Had Covid back in July, and was an absolute vegetable starting the morning post dose #1. Lungs still haven’t recovered four days later, and for some strange reason my hands are weak. Very worth it to be less likely to get others sick and to help society return to normal. But my FTP is not looking forward to dose #2 :joy:. Anecdotally we’re hearing that people who’ve had symptomatic Covid seem to feel their vaccine reaction much more strongly.

Question for @HMG or others medically educated:

  1. Is there any risk of longer-term negative effects from the hyper-impactful response, especially back-to-back a month apart?
  2. Any way to calm this down for #2 without ruining the effectiveness of the vaccine? Or is this an asinine thing to ask?

This is not my area of expertise, and anything I say would be hypothetical, so I’ll refrain from offering anything in hopes that someone else will be able to answer.


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Sounds like you may be experiencing some neuropathy. I’ve experienced that somewhat at times in my upper body since covid in March. Some people are hit rather severely with it. I’m not sure if it’s the result of an inflammatory response or something else, but I think that some people do get prescribed meds for it if it’s problematic. For your lungs (not sure what symptom you are experiencing – shortness of breath, coughing, tightness, burning, etc.), you might check out a quercetin + bromelain supplement. For my worst days, I drink a glass of fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice (must be pink). There’s something in it that my lungs particularly respond to.

If there’s anything to take proactively before your next vaccine dose to help with undesirable side effects, I wouldn’t worry about any impact on your immune system response if it helps you get through more comfortably.

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Thanks for sharing. My sister-in-law is front line cardiac care nurse. First dose of Pfizer no problems in general for her and her colleagues, but the second dose they had ~10 days ago resulted in her feeling awful for two days and the department had a significant number of staff phoning in sick due to side effects. Seemed to have subsided for most people within 5-7 days.

When I eventually get to the front of the queue (guessing mid-late summer as not working in health care, mid 30s and no underlying health conditions) I’ll be scheduling a recovery week after the second dose I think!

I got the Pfizer vaccine, both times on a Friday. I had easy rides scheduled on Saturday and was able to complete them, but was pretty worn out after that. First dose I didn’t have much symptoms other than general fatigue. Second dose I definitely felt worse. I could still function, but just generally felt pretty crumby. Tylenol helped for sure. Symptoms resolved by Sunday both times.

I am not an immunologist. I don’t think it will depend on the brand as much, because I would imagine in theory they are having the same effect on you body.

I also doubt you will be able to choose which brand you get. In my area at least, the major medical systems either get one or the other. So, maybe if you know which facility has what brand you could choose the facility you receive you vaccine at. Otherwise, if you just show up - you’re going to get the brand they have.

Got my first dose of Moderna last night around 5:30 CST.

Felt fine, arm was a bit sore last night, and much more tender today. It’s very sensitive to the touch and to move it, but not unbearable pain.

Feel fine otherwise. Had some chills while changing into my pajamas, but I think that’s just because it’s nearly 0F here at night and I hate the cold. Was fine once I was in bed.

Have Wright Peak -1 later today, will update afterwards.