COVID vaccine and training

Did a TT this morning. Whoops :grin: all is well thus far!

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It is the same in the US. Frontline healthcare workers, especially those in COVID units are getting it first. Then other healthcare works, and high risk patients. Healthy adults likely won’t be in line for a vaccine until the spring. That’s just the reality of the supply constraints.

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Spoke to a mate in the field about this who is a high level triathalete and he said there’s no need because it’s not a live vaccine.

Our hospital’s priority was providers over 50, then ICU, ER, and anesthesiologists. Not sure if they underestimated the demand, but we ran out and couldn’t get most of the hospital.

Day 2. Sore arm gone. No more chills. Feel normal. Did 4x10 at threshold then zwift race TSS for day 135. So I guess for me at least no sig impact of vaccine on training.


I was thinking about it today and talking with a coworker that had covid a while ago and got the vaccine. He went through hell he said. Temp of 104, full body aches, chills. Said he felt like sh!t starting about 8 hours after getting the vaccine. And this is what I’m hearing to expect from the second dose. I would imagine the second dose will impact training a lot worse. I think I may adjust my schedule now to give myself a rest week starting on the day of the second dose.

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Paramedic here. About to get my vaccine shortly. Good thoughts. Thanks.


Ugh, good to know this, but that scares the hell out of me.

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Further anecdotes: vaccine on the 18th. Are started to get sore that night, mild soreness in the deltoid the next day. Had a mild HA and maybe some mild myalgias in the rest of my upper body. Did 4x10 sweet spot with no problem. And honestly, with a 2 month old and 2.75 year old in the house sleep is at a minimum… my symptoms could all be due to that.


I received my vaccine yesterday and today I feel like I got punched in the arm by Mike Tyson. I’m also having some general fatigue and a moderate headache. Nothing too terrible but I’m going to stay off the bike for a day or two.

Question for plan builder. Next week is my rest week, if I pull that to this week, will it automatically adjust my workouts? I have events on the calendar with taper weeks and what not.

Loving this thread guys! Keep them coming :call_me_hand:

I had the vaccine Sunday and feel fine today and Sunday. Everyone I know feels fine too.

Over 24 hours since getting my first dose. Sore arm, much like getting a tetanus shot. I felt a little tired, but otherwise feeling fine.

Unfortunately, the more you think you will have a bad experience the more likely you will - think positively, or forget you’re even doing it! :smiley:

I think it is similar at our hospitals. They’ve got 4-5 tiers of priority based on risk. Sounds like the addition of the Moderna vaccine will boost stocks at many locations and make it easier for rural hospitals and clinics for storage.

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Got the 1st shot yesterday. This morning I was supposed to do a challenging 5 x 5 VO2max workout. I subbed in 40/20s instead. I figured I could skip one if needed but it felt pretty normal.

My arm is pretty sore but otherwise I’m good.


Thanks, I’m not sweating the psychology of it – as a covid long-hauler, the effects of the vaccine are a bigger concern to me. I’ve never had much reaction to the flu shot outside of a sore arm, but this year at five months post-covid I had a stronger reaction for a couple days (still considered normal) and then got knocked down for 2-3 weeks with more fatigue and what seemed like strep (but wasn’t). If I get the covid vaccine when it becomes available to me, I’ll definitely plan on taking it easy for a while afterward.

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Initially, it was surprising that the U.K.'s MHRA decided to bypass doing a thorough review of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. However, despite the 1-2 week additional time frame required, the U.S. FDA conducted a thorough review on December 10th, the results of which you may find informative.

All documentation (15 documents) is available to the public on the FDA website. Relevant to this forum thread, I would suggest looking at the Pfizer presentation. As it is 64 pages long, you may want to focus on the section on Safety (slides 24-36) and more specifically at the following slides:

  • 28: Local events in total (your arm, site of injection)
  • 29,30: Systemic events in total (your entire body) after Dose 1 and Dose 2, respectively
  • 31: Systemic events Day-by-Day (i.e. after day 1, after day 2, etc)

Note: The Forum tools do not provide for direct upload of the presentation. However, if you go to the link below and scroll to the bottom where the attachments are located, you will find the following presentation I refer to. It’s the 6th document in the list.


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Except that they didn’t.

Please show me the proof - links to the review meetings, documentation, etc. that took place prior to approval.

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