Covid - UK, since the schools went back

Well, since the schools have gone back recently the small village where I live has been hit quite hard with Covid infections . Our two girls have caught it and are recovering well as have many of their peer groups. I have also caught it and currently up to day 4 of my isolation period. Just wondering when I’ll be able to get back on the bike because that’s what we all do… :grin: There’s a fair few other parents with it too and some are pretty poorly.

Not after sympathy just wondered if anyone else is suffering the same and even if it’s just restricted to the UK? Which I suspect it isn’t… Its always fun when they go back to school and start sharing new germs afain. :grin:

I am getting very bored though… There’s only so many fantasy bike ride routes you can plan.


I went through the same thing about a month ago. I had to take about a week off of training. Once I got back on I still had a cough so I stuck to easy workouts for a bit.


My little lad started school this week for the first time (UK too). Thankfully there’s no covid floating through the school as yet.

Family up in Birmingham had the same issue as you though, first two weeks and the kids fell (mildly) ill and tested positive. The parents however didn’t get it.

Hope he’s enjoying it. :grin: :+1:t2:

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My son lives in a small village in Aberdeenshire (last year’s primary school intake was 3). One child has tested positive ( the first person in the community) and every cough or bit of a temperature means a PCR test. They’ve said though that lots of people they know either have it or their children do.

Small town of 30,000 here and Covid is rife - my wife is a GP here so sees all the positive test results as they get sent through. She reckons as many positive tests as there ever were in the peak last year!

Know several people who have it or had it recently, including a few that refuse to get a PCR test despite symptoms :frowning:

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We’re in the North West of England, our household was hit with covid in January. I took 2 weeks off training completely then slowly picked it up. It took 4 months to feel normal again but ftp still hasn’t recovered

We test regularly so happy we don’t have it yet. However Somerset is also rife with RSV which is like a chest infection for our 18 month old! Thankful as ever for the super spreaders of children! I have taken this as a sign for an end of season break, just trying to focus on feeling well and doing my PT routine so when I start back again I am stronger and ready to go!

I’m just curious. Have any of your gotten fully vaccinated prior to catching covid?

I know a few people who have got covid after being fully vaccinated in the UK.

Non have had particularly bad symptoms.

Vaccines are definitely helping but they are not perfect, nor were they ever going to be.

Slightly worrying that the UK governments plan for winter seems to be 100% depending on vaccines to stop the hospitals being over-run. Probably means that everyone will be exposed to the virus at some point.

For us the chance to try for “zero cases” is long gone, but I’m also not sure the policy of aggressively limiting cases in places like Australia is sustainable long term either :man_shrugging:

Thankfully vaccination rates in the UK are pretty high.


Had both shots and currently on day 6 of my isolation.

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Same, know quite a few people who are double jabbed and have caught covid this summer. All with mild to no symptoms though. Whereas I know several people who had it last year before the vaccine who really sufferered with long covid and still aren’t quite right (fit people in their 30s and 40s). Guess that’s the approach the government is hoping works - vaccination levels meaning that even if there are a high number of cases then it won’t really in too many hospitalisations or deaths.


Yep - think that’s the plan and herd immunity via the schools/children.
I’m in my 50’s and have a few symptoms but nothing like the folks I knew who caught it first time round.
Wondering what winter will bring… It has the potential to be a nightmare in many countries with people travelling for the festive period.

I caught it about a month after my second vaccine. A few others at work also caught it after being vaccinated, although generally symptoms have been pretty mild.

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Our challenge is now trying to understand if the infections occur because of the Delta variant or waning efficacy of the vaccine. The data is still very unclear on this point right now.


Double vaccinated and I caught COVID just under a month ago.

First three days, I was out cold. Slept for 12-14 hours a day. Didn’t feel like training at any point during the isolation period.

First week back, I did a few hour long endurance workouts. Felt fine. Tried a threshold workout the following week and managed a single eight minute interval.

If I spend much more than three or four minutes at Sweetspot, my heart rate rockets. Dropped my FTP and accepted that it’s a slow and steady road ahead.


Interesting to hear your experience of resuming training as that’ll be me once it’s over. Though at the moment I honestly feel like doing very little… Or in fact, nothing.

I live in Sydney, Australia and our vaccination drive is really aggressive at the moment. In my opinion, the state government isn’t so much trying to keep the case numbers down but instead is more interested in keeping the number of deaths as minimal as possible.

The state government hasn’t said it explicitly but I think they are trying to achieve the UK model. Once we reach 80% double vaccinations for all people over 16, then I suspect there will be a major easing of restrictions as they will accept the reality of covid spreading to everyone but the rate of death and hospitalisation to be kept under control.

I am really scared of long covid. My mother works at the hospital and she has told me about the horror stories of patient’s lungs after a severe bout of covid. She described the xrays as if people had drowned or had holes in their lungs. I know from experience just having Influenza B knocked me out for two weeks of severe illness and after that my fitness capacity hadn’t fully recovered for at least 3 months after that but I never really felt ‘normal’ until 6 months afterwards.

It’s just scary because we are all endurance athletes here and our respiratory system is the basis of our ability and covid is seemingly designed to destroy it.


Cases are going down which is a surprise. So far in 2 and a half weeks back we’ve had no cases amongst the kids and 1 amongst the staff.

My School has had a few cases in all years, and in Year 11 (so 16yo) there is definitely a cluster of cases, probably a house party where they’ve all caught it.

School is trying to separate them from other year groups but that’s quite tricky…