Could instructions be more adaptive (more wish list than feature request)?

Ok. So TR is net, net awesome, but the text based instructions feel like they have room for improvement, especially considering how good adaptive training and AI FTP have gotten. And it kind of sticks out to me because when you’re using TR, on a smart trainer, in erg mode, with your content on your noise-cancelling headphones, you can put yourself in such a high state of flow that trying to read the coaching instructions on screen starts to feel like a distraction of sorts.

Wish List #1 – Adaptive Workout Coaching Tips
Is there a way that coaching instructions could be more personalized, or contextual based on your level of experience, FTP, etc? I understand that the shape and structure of the workout doesn’t change regardless of your ability, but I find myself ‘tuning out’ what’s happening on the screen more as I get more experienced – saying to myself ‘YES, my sit bones are firmly on the seat!’ Or ‘I’m well above your cadence target, stop chirping at me!’ In a perfect world, are there instances where TR would ideally want to make different coaching points if the data makes clear that you’re in your 5th season of TR as opposed to your 1st?

Wish List #2 – AI DeepFake Style Audio Coaching
Per the aforementioned ‘flow state,’ I’ve gotten to the point that I hate trying to read text on screen while I’m working out (I don’t bother with vision correction when I’m on the trainer). It would be awesome, IMHO, if you could make the coaching tips auditory. And I’m assuming if they can use AI to generate a synthetic voice for Val Kilmer, it would be possible to do the same thing for Coach Chad. This of course is based on my personal ‘north star’ product vision of not needing to look at the screen at all during a workout.

Keep up the great work.

I’ve adapted to TR and turned them off.