Could hometrainer give false data to TR?

I just completed a ramp test. Last one before my big event La Marmotte in France sep. 5th.
I made a huge jump in ftp from 243 to 387. My new w/kg is 5.
I hope its true but could my Bkool hometrainer provide false data and therefor give TR a wrong result?
I went for 32 minutes.
I usually don’t eat meat but have done it the last 3 days. Could this have something to do with it?

Did you use different equipment or measure your power differently for this ramp test than you did for your last ramp test?

No, eating meat for 3 days will not increase your threshold power by 140W.

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No. Same stuff as usually.


if you have an old bkool, this could possible help:

look at the posts of @aweatherall

despite everything, a jump from 243 to 387 sounds a little bit impossible

There are some potential Firmware updates or a needed device calibration that may be producing wrong numbers, you can always reach out to if you’d like them to take a closer / more in-depth look at your ramp test, or they can help take a look and check to see if your devices have any firmware updates available!

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