Correlation between FTP % and THR %?

Is there a correlation between % of FTP and % of Threshold HR?

For example

117% of 176 bpm ( my threshold ) is 206 bpm
On my VO2 workout ( 6/8x 4min / 4min ) I get to 206bpm during the first reps ( a bit higher in the last ones )
It’s 117% of my Threshold heart rate, so is it 117% of my FTP too?

The only power meter I have is on the trainer, but the trainer is folded until winter. So I can’t test this.
I’m curious if there’s a correlation.

There is no stable HR above FTP. The longer you ride above FTP, the higher the HR will go.

There is when you’re at max HR :grin:
208bpm is my max HR

And I constantly it hit during this workout because I go all out for 4 minutes