Cornering Follow-cam

Can we get a follow-cam of Pete or Jon going through a variety of corners on a variety of surfaces with someone running a follow-cam? This would let us see correct cornering techniques. The Follower would have to be able to keep up with the instructor.

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I’m not sure if you’re looking for road cornering or MTB cornering advice, but there’s a lot of great resources out there:

My personal favorite: Hey Coach! Ep. 1 - Cornering Video - Pinkbike and the accompanying article: Hey Coach! Ep. 1

Road-oriented cornering video: Cycling Cornering Made Easy | GCN Cycling Tips - YouTube

If you need some more MTB inspiration, check this out and skip to :58 Video: Cornering Carnage with Bryn Atkinson in 'Sound of Speed' - Pinkbike


Interesting that one of those guys pushes his inside knee out as if he expects to drag it through the turn. Seems like a bad habit – moving (some) weight away from the contact patch and counteracting the idea of putting weight on the outside pedal.

Someone tell me I’m wrong and explain why.

Not wrong, there’s zero need for the inside knee to come out.

I think you’re referencing this guy?


I think he may just be exaggerating the technique for the purposes of the video, but there’s a couple good takeaways from this.

  1. Pointing with your knee is an easy way to turn in a bit harder if you weren’t set up perfectly to begin with, or if the radius of the turn decreases.
  2. The most useful reason to point the knee is because you can open an area for the saddle to move laterally under you. Road riders then to have less bike-body separation than CX/MTB riders, mostly due to the consistent traction they enjoy. However, you can lean the bike over to corner more aggressively while keeping the majority of your center of gravity over the contact patch to make use of side knobs on a dirt tire.
  3. If you stick your knee out, you should be pushing down on the outside pedal even more to counteract the effect of moving weight to the inside of the contact patch as you mentioned.
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