Consistent ramp test power drift when reaching ~280 watts w/ Direto XR


The issue happens pretty consistently around the same wattage.

Maintaining proper wattage during other workouts has also sometimes been temperamental, where whole intervals are off i.e.

Sufferfest appears to have the same issue, whereas performance in Elite’s own myetraining app and Zwift appears to track pretty precisely.

I have played around with setting the trainers own internal power smoothing, and that seems to address the problem somewhat at the expense of slower power target stabilizations, but the ramp test still seems off. Details that may have relevance: 1. I seem to be able to provoke longer lasting power mismatch with a single very powerful pedal kick and 2. I am running an oval chainring - could this be an issue?

Anyone experiencing the same? Or is there a sanctioned test I can run to diagnose this?

Any input is much appreciated.