Consistency vs squeezing out the last of the toothpaste in a ramp test

I find myself stopping the first time I “pop” and unconsciously stop pedaling. Is this what is meant by being physically unable to pedal? Or should I instead try to resume pedaling after this first pop and see if I cannot at least go for a few more seconds, maybe even finish the current step?

My AI results are basically within the margin of error of my last ramp test result, and I feel I am consistent if nothing else. However, I wonder if I shouldn’t keep going past my first lapse of concentration, even though I might not be as consistent from test to test.

I figure needing to fight the spiral of death if I let my cadence drop might actually affect the test results, especially if the trainer lets off and I can can catch my breath for an instant.

Before actually letting of the pedals, I can usually fight off two or three sudden urges to stop.

Sounds like you’re doing the ramp test as it is designed. Keep going until you can’t anymore, then you’re done. Don’t start again if you want an accurate /consistent result.

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Every time I feel that I could have gone a bit longer if I just immediately resumed pedaling, though the sensation when my engine starts to misfire is incredibly consistent. I’m usually within six or seven beats of my absolute max HR.
That said, the time I went harder than I ever have, I achieved a new max HR.

It really doesn’t matter all that much: the more you squeeze out the more your progression levels drop. So you end up with the same difficulty more or less