Concho, Leenaun and Venado+1 Workout Levels

Hi, Looking at these three 60 minutes sweet spot workouts:

  • Same Warm-up and cooldown.
  • Same FTP percentages (50% during recovery and 94% during intervals)
  • Concho: 2x17 + 1x17.5 → total 51.5 minutes intervals, with 45 seconds recovery. Level 7.1.
  • Leenanun: 2x17 + 1x18 → total 52 minutes intervals, with 30 seconds recovery. Level 7.2.
  • Venado +1: 3x17 → total 51 minutes intervals, with 60 seconds recovery. Level 7.5.
    Shouldn’t Venado +1 have the lowest level of the three?

I played with the Workout Creator and made unmodified copies of the three workouts. I obtained, respectively: 7.1, 7.2, and 7.0. So maybe the Venado +1 level needs a revision.


  • Workout Creator has a known flaw where the workouts made from it may or may not return accurate Workout Levels. To that point, I would not take your Workout Creator results as any validation.

These and similar observations about Workout Levels are best sent directly to TR for review. They have fixed a number of incorrect values over the years when people found issues.

Just to circle back, TR customer support has updated the levels of these workouts:

Concho: 7.1–>7.2
Leenaun 7.2–>7.4
Venado +1 7.5–>7.2