Comparing Garmin FTP estimate with Ramp Test?

Going back to this formula it has never made sense why Hunter Allen stated that FTP from a 20-min field test be used, as that would seem to tell me VO2 at FTP and not vo2max.

Looking up the ACSM formula it does appear to be VO2 at a certain power. Therefore using a max 5 minute power should provide an estimate close to VO2max. I don’t have a recent 5-min max effort, however I definitely get better results from the ACSM formula using my current 5-min best power.

I don’t know what it could be. I would have thought the Garmin software engineers might have considered adding to their algorithm some code that effectively ensures that FTP will be revised upwards if the individual has completed a 40min+ effort at gt. currently estimated FTP.

On 3 May I completed a continuous 80min sweetspot effort at 283w. HR was ~10bpm below threshold. Today it thinks my FTP is 274w. :man_facepalming:

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