CO2 and tubes - does anyone buy in bulk?

Has anyone found some good deals on bulk CO2 cartridges and road tubes?
I need to buy some 60mm road tubes.

If you are in Australia I would recommend Bike bug and Pushys online stores for both.

If you watch the online retailers there are often bulk offers.

I came very close to buying 40x tubes recently (except my gym/pain cave/temporary junk storage area is bad enough as it is right now!!)

I would also extend this thinking to cables and cable covers.

I get my co2 off ebay - cheapest place i’ve found

I get mine on amazon on the cheap usually has special day deals. The CO2 with the special is really good to pass on. Also tubes. Subscribe to newsletter and just check it every day when you wake up.

Also will price match the cheapest price found anywhere else.

I do Amazon box of 6. Gotta take advantage of Prime.

Second eBay. Typically less than $1ea.

That’s definitely cheaper than Amazon. I paid around $2 per cartridge

I last got 30 for $29.99 but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them for less. It’s actually really nice to be able to go a year without needing to worry about it.

I’ve been told that you can get 12g CO2 at for $.98, But there seems to be a security issue with their website so you can’t get in and order right now.