Cloning Ramp Test in Workout Creator

Although the TR guys say there is no need to do a warm-up before taking a ramp test, I prefer to do a 15 minute low level warm-up before every test. This is something I’ve done for ages and is one the things I do to ensure consistency whenever I re-test. My warm-up consists of 5 minutes at 45% FTP, 5 minutes at 50% and 5 minutes at 55% - clearly nothing too strenuous that will have a negative impact on the test itself; it just feels as if it serves as a very gentle way of loosening my legs. (I’m 58, have a physically demanding job, and have noticed the older I get the longer my legs take to warm / loosen up.) To this end I’ve created a 15 minute custom workout using Workout Creator consisting of the three five minute segments.

If I clone the ramp test in Workout Creator, add those three warm-up segments to the start of the cloned test and save it to my custom workouts, will I be able to use it as a bone fide and fully functioning ramp test? Will the cloned test retain the same dynamic feature of the original by automatically extending the length of the test the more steps you complete?

  • Interested to hear the official word from TR, but I can’t imagine it will keep the dynamic aspect of adding steps and offering a direct FTP adjustment upon completion. The Workout Creator is old and I can’t see it being able to handle the proposed changes and keep the “new” smarts.

That’s my gut feeling too. Short of hearing from the TR guys, I suppose there’s only one way to find out…

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Yo! So the structure of the Ramp Test (including the warm-up period) is by design, and editing it could impact the validity of the results, which is why its not an available option via Workout Creator. It comes down to the dynamic nature of the ramp test and a corresponding limitation of the Workout Creator. :v:


I created a HA hybrid ramp test that has a 5 minute all out interval before the ramp starts.

It doesn’t automatically add ramp steps or automatically calculate your FTP when the test concludes. Those features don’t seem to survive Workout Creator.

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Cheers @IvyAudrain @Brennus

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