Clark "VO2" efforts?

What is the deal with Clark - which features 8 min ss intervals, begun by a 12s “VO2” effort at 200%? 200% seems much too high for VO2?

Edit - I guess it only calls them VO2s in the outdoor version:
"Main Set:

  • 8 minutes at 199 started with a 12 second VO2max at [200%] with a 3 minute rest."

Your right- vo2 is not 200%. The workout aims to simulate a race effort and get your legs better at clearing lactate. It is the same idea as doing a 10-sec “sprint” every 5 min during a SS effort. I think it is mislabeled as vo2, but will still get your breathing up. I think there was a podcast talking about this…can’t remember which one.