Chris Froome Factor Ostro Vam Review

Oh, most definitely. I don’t mean to imply that no one at Shimano rides. Many do…but for others, it is just a job.

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With Frome joining ISN and Jumbo Visma moving on to discs braked Cervelos this season it leaves only Ineos with the F12s running rims brakes (rumoured due to the bike being a bit porky), which Frome obviously likes but I wish we could get a bike review from either Yates or Pidcock since last season they were on advanced light semi-aero disc bikes (Addicts and Tarmacs respectively). Although Yates is only racing at UAE right now and that’s pretty dry so the wet weather performance isn’t really a factor (don’t hate my pun, please).

No, that is a straight up fact. The F12’s w/ discs couldn’t come close to the UCI weight minimum.

everyone seems to be forgetting some chap won a yellow jersey last year on a rim-braked bike…

And is Bike Exchange running disc-brake versions of the Bianchis this year? JV had the same weight issue as Ineos last year.

Yup, the Bianchis are all discs. Which I was surprised at, maybe there’s something new in the works so getting everyone and the service courses ready for discs.

I know he won on rims, but he’s not raced on discs so it was more what they thought about what could be seen as a step backwards for a bike that isn’t as light/good for shitty weather braking. Sort of a direct counter to Frome, I know I’d prefer discs but I am a shocking descender and really like my brakes so an opinion for people on the same level would be interesting.

Sounded like his mind was already made, not sure how he is overheating brakes on 5-10min descent. Being the pre-season makes me wonder if he doesn’t have access to the team mechanic and he felt overwhelmed. I don’t understand any of his complaints to be honest. Refreshing to see a not-so like&subscribe type product review with a reference code.

I believe the previous gen Bianchi Specialissima (lightweight) was too floppy for use hence why they used the Oltre XR4 (aero) in rim brake to reach the weight limit. But the new Specialissima is stiff enough and aero enough + lightweightout with disks to be the standard.

But I haven’t seen the split between Oltre and Specialissima actually used to make a call

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The chances of getting an honest review is slim to none.

Maybe once they’ve retired! But at least the eternal rim Vs disc war will still be raging so it’ll be relevant.