Choppy Ride with Powermatch

I just got dual sided favero assioma pedals. I did the powermatch on TR, but when I ride, it feels choppy. Definitely not as smooth of a ride as before. I’m using Erg Mode if that matters. Should I try a different mode? Is this just a lag issue?

What trainer you are using seems to affect it; my Elite Suito with a single sided Favero Be Pro S is very choppy. I tend to run the harder stuff on resistance mode or at least have it at hand to toggle too (PC) as its more forgiving of the fluctuations.

Can you share a link or screenshot of your ride?

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Thats not choppy, thats what real power looks like. Your Wahoo trainer lied to you set up false expectations.

What you see now with the power meter is reality and there is nothing wrong. Just anothwr instance where Wahoo causes problems with their crappy setting.


What turbo are you using? mine’s a bit choppy to on ERG (an Elite Suito) so that looks normal on the whole but it looks like your one at 4mins is a bit too extreme perhaps caused by an interference drop out.

But it feels choppy on the ride. Like it’s jerky if that makes sense.


Well, that is confusing then. I’d suggest trying Resistance or Standard mode to see if they feel the same.

Outside of that, you may need to contact TR support directly.

ETA: After seeing this on a larger PC screen, something is definitely not right there. The cadence trace is erratic and is likely related to the feeling you are getting. I’d definitely try at least one other trainer mode with the power meter still connected. This will effectively remove PowerMatch from the process, and also test how the trainer responds in that other mode.