Chopping up the build phase to train limiters and strengths

The way life worked out this year I was able to complete the Base with plenty of time left before I needed to start building so I tacked on another block of Base. This was because I have burnout problems in the middle of the road season and wanted to fend those off this year as well a little more aerobic improvements. I think this has been a huge help and the increased time has led to some improvements that have historically come a little slower for me.

Now, because I chose to start building later (in about 3-4 weeks) I am torn on the direction I want to take. My weakness has always been my sustained efforts and my strength has been high-intensity VO2 max type efforts. I’ve self-coached enough to finally realize my limiter has always been muscular endurance. As of right now, I will wrap up build phase 2ish races into my season (neither of which are high priority).

My question: What I am thinking of doing is splitting the build phase between Sustained and Short. I want to capitalize this season on my strengths and not spend so much time on fighting physiology. Would splitting the build phase be too short for gain in either direction? I would finish this up and then start the Crit specialty. My VO2 abilities come back really quickly during the season and, like anyone, they are easy to pick back up, but I want to really boost them this season.

General build is basically this. 1st half sustained 2nd half short power.

The issues I have with General Build is that the intervals aren’t exactly long enough. I can always go up a difficulty in a workout variation but not sure it would involve what I’m looking to do.