Choosing Intermediate or Advanced in the experience tap when changing A race from Time Trial to Road Race

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I have a question about selecting Intermediate or Advanced experience in Plan Builder.

I have started training using a TR plan since March 16, 2021 up until now for my Time Trial A race; however, things changed. I will need to change my A race to Road Race instead. I understand that to make up for this change in the training plan, I will need to delete the existing plan and create a new one starting from March 16, 2021 and let the plan update itself so that I don’t lose my progress up to this point. But when asked between Intermediate and Advanced in the experience tab, I am not sure which one to select. Please advise.

One more question, if I start the new plan after the adjustment, it seems like I have to do the ramp test again which is followed by one easy week. But I already did this test on May 15, 2021 (about 2 weeks ago). Is there any way for me to avoid the ramp test and the easy week so that I just get on and continue my training with the new plan?

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You can just try this on the TR website while not logged in.

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