Child Wish - does training effect fertility? (men)

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if you want to have children it is often advised for men to “not to train to much”.
To much training or training on a competitive level could decrease sperm count.
On the other hand it is adivse to do some training…

Did anyone decrease their training because of that? What are your experiences?
Is this also applicable for individuals who are already training for 5 years plus or did the body get used to the training load?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

I have no idea what the research states, but personally I’ve had no problems with my sperm count.

It’s not that I’ve been counting… but both of my kids were conceived ‘first try’ :sweat_smile: and I was riding the bike a lot at that time.


Theres tons of conflicting stuff on the net but some folk reckon training actually helps by getting you into a fitter state and improving blood flow etc. I’ll not google it on a works computer though :joy:

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Unfortunately not - two kids and counting.


Not for me either. 10hpw regularly, no issues. I’m pretty sure unless you’re on a ‘world tour cyclist’ type training plan, you’re not going to have any issues like that

No…most cases of such issues are anecdotal. There was a huge “scare” a few years aback when Specialized introduced their Body Geometry saddles and everyone suddenly “ needed” cutouts on their saddles….but it was all hype. Decades of cyclists having children without problems proves that.

Get a proper saddle for you, one that fits and is comfortable.

Can it happen? Sure. Should you worry about it? No…at least not until you are having trouble conceiving.


As long as training doesn’t spontaneously heal my vasectomy, I am not worried :joy:


Not a doctor, but unless you are currently having fertility issues then I wouldn’t decrease your training preemptively.

The exception would be if you are way overtrained and have put your testosterone levels in the toilet. But you would have a ton of other symptoms that would clue you into that like fatigue, trouble sleeping, mood swings, lack of appetite, etc.

No. 3 kids.

If your mrs is using this as an excuse to get you off the bike she’ll have to try harder. :slight_smile::wink:


Nope. Two kids here and have only paused my riding habit after they were born due to lack of sleep!

Had some challenges having kid #1 and doc suggested I stop riding as that might be the issue. I asked to do a test to confirm before I just gave up the bike. Test came back totally normal despite 4-5 days a week on the bike at that time.


That is the stuff of nightmares right there…


We had to do fertility treatments after 3 years of trying.

My wife wanted me to stop riding and when we walked into the doctors office he had a picture of his zipp wheels framed. He said riding has no effect on sperm count or quality . Now I have twins.


No issues with fertility and riding from my experience. However, of the 11 kids to guys on my race team - there are 9 girls. Could just be the water?

The Power of Zipp.

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I’ve actually had tests done for sperm count due to infertility challenges in the past. The results showed I was perfectly fine and I was probably riding 8-10hrs a week at the time.

Takes a man to make a man…

That is why I have 3 daughters. :crazy_face:

If only I could afford zipp wheels now……

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