Check off those bucket list rides, folks!

I spend a lot of time working one-on-one with engineers…advising them how to make sure stuff is good before their customers get it. Yesterday morning, couldn’t get in contact with my client, finally had to politely inquire with his boss, found out he had passed at his desk that morning & couldn’t be revived.

He had talked a lot about retirement plans & timing & what he had planned. Lots of fun stuff that, sadly, never came to pass.

Something to think about, y’all! If you can get out and do that bucket list ride this year YOU SHOULD! Don’t wait until next year. Give fun priority once in a while! :smiley:


Great advise! It’s so easy to find excuses to push these things off…

Totally agree, I decided to retire at 55 and went hill walking in Nepal for 4 weeks. Then came home and started TR.
I am planning Backpacking holidays now… Even thinking of doing TCR in 2024.

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You win! Congrats!

My dad had his first heart attack when he was 33 years old, I have lived with many years of him having bypass surgery and the rest. He has made it to 81 years old now and That made me train all my life. But Great that he is still here for me to share stuff with. Take the time and Love those around you and enjoy every day.

Megavalanche! This is number one on my list, but tbh I tend to use the threat of entering to gain agreement from the missus to do any other event on the planet! The conversation usually starts with ‘honey, I was thinking about entering the Megavalanche…’ and ends with ‘…you’re right, it is a bit dangerous. How about i do xxx event to scratch the itch instead?’. Works like a dream!

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Wow! :open_mouth:

Thats terribly sad and a hard reminder that life is short.

Completely agree with the sentiment - make sure you ‘live’ for now …