Chapeau TrainerRoad Team!

Just a quick note to congratulate the entire team on an absolutely fantastic product announcement, acknowledgement of existing shortfalls, podcast, and future plans. Very very refreshing content (especially compared to some forum threads!). I am not sure if they could have done any better today!


You would not believe how hard the team has been working on this. SUCH A BIG DAY.


For those that don’t speak French, Chapeau means Hat, as in “Hats off to you”

  • a French Canadian

but on a more serious note, good job! Be proud


Really amazing! I also like to express my appreciation for the lack of massive marketing/influencer campaigns. Love to see our money being used to drive the ball forward instead!


I cannot express how excited I am for the new adaptive training. My biggest stresser has always been what to do when short on time or when I have to skip a workout for whatever reason. Just how many times I’ve had 45 minutes to train and ended up doing a 30 minute workout because I spent 15 minutes overthinking which workout I should do. Great job team!! Can’t wait for the release.