Changing the Plan

So still dealing with significant hip pain issues. I’ll skip the details and the 'fixes" for this posting (cause its in a different post) and focus on plan modification…

I can’t stand that every medical, physio all say rest for weeks for months…screw that. If I listen to them all I’d be on the couch 24-7 all year long. I took or 2 months fully off the bike and all I got was fat and no less sore in the hip. You rest that long you die.

I’m older and of a mind set, you rest you die from all the other issues (lack of heart healthy exercise, moods, sleep, etc. etc.). You rest that long you die …better to do what you can tolerate.

I’m only doing the low volume base plan right now. My GP gave me the green light to workout what I can tolerate so here is my modification plan to easy back a bit.

  1. I’ve switched back to base. It seems to be easier than build and I find the 8 minute, 110+% FTP sessions too much for it.
  2. I’m trading the weekend workout that’s normally 1.5 hours for a 2.5 hour ride with much more warmup and less repetition of intervals (although I still have several).
  3. I’m getting Platelet rich plasma (PRP) on Oct 5th. They’ll be telling me to “rest” (see the trend) and I’ll be forced to do a bit of that. But I am negotiating with the guy to get back on the bike asap. You rest you die. I’m going to start structured and light for the first few weeks.

Does anyone else share the “Just sit on your ass for months and months” medical frustration or is it just me? This isn’t a macho man thing I truly believe that “you rest that long you die … just a different cause.”

It’s a trade off and depends on attitude to risk and, in part, long- vs short-termism.

Personally, I would look to other forms of exercise to maintain cardiovascular health (if possible) and heed the medical advice regarding cycling.

You mention your an older athlete, how old? If 99 then resting for a year probably isn’t an option, whereas if 60, then taking some time off could be beneficial in the long term.

I’ve taken literally months off at a time of “rest” with no progress on the hip. Very frustrating. But this thread is more about how to modify a plan.

My plan is to try to work within the limits of my hip’s capabilities by not going too hard. I don’t know the build plan’s workouts that well, but it seems more intense and longer than the base.