Changing Post-Workout Survey Response

Is there a way to add/change to a post-workout response?

Scenario I am in (not really that serious), did a workout thought I was unable to do finish because I changed it from 1hour → 1.5 Hour and had to self select the workout which was slightly higher PL.

Turns out my body was in the initial phase of fighting off a respiratory illness (not COVID).

I would like to feed this information to the machine but don’t know how to make the change/addition.

On the iPhone app, you just click on the response and it pops up the selection so you can change it.

I know you can only do this for a set period of time though, so not sure how far back you’re trying to go.


I tried this a few days after the ride but I couldn’t find where to do it, and just assumed there was no way to alter “reason you had to stop” survey ( Trying to avoid using the ‘F’ word :stuck_out_tongue: )

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