Changing focus and changing training plan for 2021

Hi all

I started a training plan in September 20 building towards a first peak in April 21. The outdoor racing season in the UK is in doubt at the moment so will start in April 21 at the very earliest, but there’s a chance that racing could be delayed until later in the year. Also, I am now competing in the Zwift Racing League Premier League (eight weeks of racing from 11 Jan to 1 Mar) where success is very much dependent on short, 1-5 minute efforts.

I have so far done high volume Sweetspot Base for 12 weeks, then high volume General Build for 8 weeks and my training plan now prescribes another six weeks of Sweetspot base followed by Rolling Road Race Specialty to peak in April. Given the change of focus and uncertainty around the dates of my main goal events, I have the following questions:

  1. Should I change my plan to re-focus on more intensity to meet my Zwift goals or stick to Sweetspot for now? My concern is that I might lose some sharpness during the next six week.

  2. Should I continue to build and not aim to peak until I know when my events will be? I don’t want to end up peaking in April if there’s nothing to race (all dressed up with nowhere to go).

  3. Is 16 straight weeks of Build phase too much? I’m considering going to Short Power Build to follow on from General Build, and then Specialty.

Any advice would be very much appreciated - I’m struggling to find my season goal with the uncertainty around outdoor racing this year.


Yes 16 weeks of build is too much, especially if you plan to race during that time.

If you aren’t doing speciality then I’d recommend cycling through base-build-base-build and replacing hard workouts, especially during build phase, with your races.