Change of plan variety v specialism & performance gains

My original plan was to work through a TT season (finishing July) followed by a priority CX season starting in September and finishing in December:

Sustained Power Build - 40K TT speciality - Short Power Build - CX Speciality

The time available means that I can complete each of these blocks in full. Now that races are cancelled I can switch to a more CX focused plan according to the plan builder:

Short Power Build - CX Speciality - Short Power Build - CX Speciality

Which is best? I would prefer the inclusion of the TT section for variety but not if there are big advantages to be gained by doing 2 rounds of a CX focused plan. How much is a CX season/plan disadvantaged much by doing a 40TT plan before?

any advice much appreciated

Only doing build and specialty plans seems like a recipe for burnout. I’d replace the first build/spec cycle with a full SSB 1+2, do your build, re-do the last 4 weeks of SSB2, and then move in to your specialty

Obligatory…have you tried plan builder? It’s designed to answer questions like these

Thanks for your input. Just completed the full SSB1 & 2 and at the point of starting the build so at a junction point of which way to go. Used plan builder which gave the options listed in the post. Just fishing as to whether the TT inclusion will significantly impact CX season or not much? Thanks.

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