Challenge Daytona Predictions, 2020 PTO Championship

Anybody have predictions/ bets for Challenge Daytona on the men’s or women’s races? No Jan and Daniela, but I think it will be fun to have the ITU crew in the mix.

If Alistair is healthy, he has to be the hands-down favorite for the men.

I would give Lucy the nod in the women’s race…if she can get away from the ITU women in the swim. And that may be a big “if”.

Agreed on Ali, I think Vincent Luis and some of the other short course lot will try and stay with him but I just think he’ll have too much over the longer bike. 80km in the TT position will feel long for the short course guys too.

On the women’s, Lucy isn’t actually racing so she won’t be up there. Anne Haug or Holly Lawrence will both be there and thereabouts I reckon.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I was just looking at the preview that was linked and it had her in it.

Ali and Gustav are pretty close according to odds makers. I agree that Luis is wild card. I like these odds for Luis, TBH.

I’ll take Lionel Sanders.

Interesting predictions on the Challenge Daytona site for the different legs.


A. Brownlee


Anybody watching this tomorrow? I’m pretty stoked for it. Heard that the strong cyclists will be pushing ~370 watts for 90 minutes or so.

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Can’t wait! It’s so hard to know what’s going to happen with so many unknowns thrown in and the CRAZY deep fields put together on the men’s and women’s sides. Sounds like the broadcast should (hopefully) be something special with the NASCAR crew working on it. I’ll definitely be rooting for my fellow Canadians Paula Findlay and Lionel Sanders to repeat from Challenge Daytona last year, but that’s likely a hard ask. It will be exciting either way though! :+1:

It’ll be an exciting day on the trainer for me, that’s for sure!

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Thread on this already here.

Will be watching. Gonna be epic. Looking forward to LS and that french guy Vincent

Ali looking strong. Great to see Kanute taking a turn on the front. Luis looking a bit uncomfortable in TT; left knee kept swinging wide. Sanders is flying.

Sanders appears to be slowing right down

Iden making it look easy…

Impressive athletes. Gustav managed 322 watts and avg speed of 29.4 mph for 1:39 and then ran 11 miles @ 5:10 / mi (from Strava)

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Great racing and coverage today! So happy to see Paula CRUSH it! The men’s race had so much carnage on the run that you didn’t know what was gong to happen and made it really exciting to watch. Had to chuckle at a couple of the guys that had to pull out on the bike with hamstring cramps, especially the one guy laid out on the grass - - showed how tough a flat course in aero can be!


Vincent Luis just 2:15 off Iden’s time after a 2 minute time penalty…that could have been quite the final sprint. Luis should transition into long course pretty well with this showing.

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I was thinking only 322 Watts, but then i saw his weight of 66kg. 4.85 W/kg in an ~4h race…wow.