Chain Waxing Tutorial

I let any excess water boil off as the wax reaches 100C or 212F. You should not heat your wax much beyond 212F. The wax properties will change at around 150C.

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I don’t recall if it was MSW or Silca that said not to heat the wax above 70C. Keeping it below that kind of makes you really NEED to get as dry as possible.

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Not MSW, they told me to get the wax to around 90c

Silcas new waxing station thing has a low temp of 75C

Their strip chips need 125C to work, the top end of the station. Although Josh did note in one of the videos about the strip chip that this was the high end of what their wax can take and that they only want it there for the few minutes it takes the strip chip to do its job. Blanking on what he said the optimal temp was for the wax itself though.

I’ve turned wax a slight brownish tinge after accidently heating to 130c. Oops. Didn’t want it on my chains so I turned it into fire starters.


I’ve not waxed the chain but have removed a kmc chain/quick link for a good clean and reused the quick link as most people say they get multiple uses from one.

When relinking just how un-positive of a click is still safe to use? I didn’t need to use much effort with the pliers to close the link (but can’t honestly remember how much I needed when brand new!).

Not sure about describing the feel of it, but the ZFC master link faq linked above suggests 5 uses. Presumably it’d be fine with more if there was any way to know when loose is too loose. It’s just that 5 is sufficiently conservative that you don’t even have to think hard about it. Going beyond that you need to weigh the risk of it failing vs the cost of a new link for yourself.

Hi there. New to chainwaxing for my upcoming XC build. Purchased two new XX1 Eagle and started to strip the factory grease using the ZFC tutorial.

After 6 rinses @15min with white spirits three baths in methylated spirits the black XX1 eagle still had some white residue on the insides of the links. Tried to clean it off as best as I could with a brush but didn’t get everything off.

Am I still good to go ahead with the waxing or should I start over? Thanks for the tips in advance

The white residue is factory grease? I’d get all visible grease off first otherwise you’ll end up with a black waxy greasy mess.

I scrub first with some orange citrus degreaser before doing baths of mineral spirits. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do 7 baths.

This single soak&agitate works for me, add a few extra minutes if you are adding 100ml for the first time to a glass jar.

100ml will clean ~5 chains. Easy.

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just go ahead with the waxing omg

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Does the UFO stuff really work that well?


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I just stripped 4 new shimano chains. Spray with ufo degreaser, quick ultrasonic bath and done. Completely clean.


I’ve even factory degreased a couple chains on the bike. UFO Clean drivetrain for the win.


That‘s what I am thinking. I assumed after all these extensive baths that stuff would’ve been long gone but no.

Will give UFO a go, thanks @WindWarrior for the tip

@Pottery thanks for your input. I’m doing it the first time. I don’t want to waste my time (9x15min baths + prep time) nor my money. Asking is free, so :man_shrugging:

IMO, you are better with one or two long soaks (overnight) than multiple, short baths to strip the chain.

But based on that pic, yes, you still have factory grease on that chain that needs to get removed before you wax.


Thank you for the info. Will do that :+1:

I caught the wax bug this weekend and bought the Silca waxing system and a bag of secret chain blend. I am debating on the stripchip but I most likely will get it as I only have (2) bikes and the stripchip just sounds the easiest if it truly works how silca is claiming it to work. I then again may get their chain stripper or the UFO stripper you guys keep talking about.

Where is the cheapest place to purchase master links for - Sram Flattop Road and Sram Eagle (non-t-type)?

UFO clean or Stripper is worth it for cleaning off cassette, chainrings, derailleurs of grease, make sit so easy and quick

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