Chain Reaction / Wiggle. Profiteering or dishonest or simple mistake?

This is the most important thing. I don’t know what they’re like to canada, but I found SIS quite competitive for the ready made stuff when I was looking the other week (with the cycling podcast discount code).

However, no added cordial/ squash and electrolyte powder is worth a look (bulk powders have electrolyte powder fwiw, not sure do they deliver to canada).

I am a huge fan of SIS. But unlike the USA they are not setup in Canada. We either buy from the USA or UK and both are a rip off.

I do a lot of long distance trips and I like having the high 5 tubes with 20 servings. But its obviously time to move on. Wont deal with companies that need to gouge certain customers because of imaginary lines or just because they can.