Carson City Off-Road Q&A (equipment/pacing choices & more)

First timer and not much of an experienced mountain biker.

Q: What would be a good tire combo for the terrain in the 2.3-2.6 range?

I have Nobby Nic 2.6 (29er), not a big fan. Looked at Maxxis range and immediately got overwhelmed.

Q: Any section worth pre-riding on Friday? And other trail discovering on Sunday?

More questions to come.


Hey there!

This article/video will be a great resource for you :slight_smile:

We talk with Keegan about his preparataion, his equipment, his strategy, and more.

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All depends on the course…its likely they wont be able to use the sections of rim trail they used last year due to snow pack, so it will likely only use the flume trail and red house flume trail on the east side. I would suggest riding kings to ash canyon on friday, its pretty technical…the flume trails and climb up to them are pretty benign. As far as a sunday ride, check out cold creek.

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