Careful what you do while wearing that GPS!

Garmin data used to convict assassin Mark Fellows:

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This is crazy!!! :exploding_head::grimacing::dizzy_face:

Yeah right!? I didn’t realize mobs were a thing in the U.K. And apparently pretty intense if you have to stay super fit for your “job”. :wink:

Does this mean that I can tell my partner I have been training for a new career all this time?

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Does Strava have a category for that?

I’m more concerned when I see people’s “evening activity” on Strava, nothing other than a heart rate plot :flushed:


Is that why they call it “hit and run”

You can’t tell -anyone-
Burn this message.

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Can we get the power data for his getaway ride?? :smirk::thinking::rofl:

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“Honestly sweetheart, the peak at the end was a microburst” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You must have missed all the British gangster films like Lock Stock, Snatch, Sexy Beast etc etc.

Guess I did!? Adding them to my :movie_camera: watchlist!

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