"Carbs are pure magic" podcast starter pack?

New to TR platform + podcast in the fall. Through this I have discovered the magic of carbs and holy moly has it been awesome. It was a slow burn out of the gate to consume lots of podcast episodes and build an understanding of carbs. Fast forward and I’ve got a basic understanding of nutrition, have my gut trained to ~120g carbs/hr and am seeing the results.

I’d love to share this with people, but know many of them won’t have the same love of knowledge immersion I do. I’d love suggestions on best podcast episodes that provide a solid intro to build a starter kit. Anyone recommendations on hand, or can point me towards a resource that already exists for that? Thanks!

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This is one of the best IMHO:

For myself, off-the-bike carbs are magic. Winning in the kitchen as they say on the FasCat podcast.

Great info from Tim here too


Two of TR’s:

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Thanks all!! There is some stuff here I hadn’t seen before. Love the wealth of knowledge in this community.

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