Carbohydrate does not augment exercise-induced protein accretion versus protein alone

Just wanted to share a study some of you might find interesting as it contradicts what I myself have shared and read here.

Guess I’m still sticking with my after workout protein/maltodextrin mixed shake (fill glycogen stores / feel better recovered next day) but this got me thinking a bit.

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Replenishing your glycogen stores quickly is still the main argument (and even without a recovery shake, your glycogen stores will generally recover on their own in 12-16 hours as I recall, but you may not feel as great while that’s happening).

However, I also wonder about whether a- their muscle glycogen was depleted after 4x8-12 knee extensions, and b- does the state of glycogen stores in the muscle influence whether carbohydrate supplementation improves muscle protein synthesis or inhibits breakdown. That is, if your muscle is running low on glycogen, and you only supplement with protein… is muscle protein synthesis lower than if you had supplemented with carb+protein?


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WTF kind of scientific test is that!?! That is of no use and any conclusions are speculative at best.

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Enrollment size for these studies is tough, especially when it involves muscle biopsies, so people are working with what they have.

4 sets of max weight to failure is a pretty good stimulus for muscle hypertrophy

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I though the bodybuilding guys say that you can’t build muscle on a keto diet but this suggests maybe you can. Not sure how this relates to cyclists tho.