Canyon Endurace Users - head set question

Hi all,

Quick question if I may to any Endurace owners out there.

The top cap of the headset seems to be quite big - anyone know how deep it actually is and I’ve read that the bearings are hard to get hold of.

Be interested on the bearing point but also top cap height as I know it comes with 27.5mm of spacers so this helps to decide on frame size.

Cheers for any help.

Might depend on the year, but I need the ai70 headset bearings for my inflite, and endurace is usually listed as compatible. Stupid expensive for oem versions, buy there’s a merchant on eBay that sells them super cheap (ships from Asia).

No insight into he topcap, I think the inflite has its own unique one.

Sorry I have not worked on many Canyons so can not comment on the various technical issues, that said if you are in the UK there is a great company I use for obtaining replacement bearings:

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This part?

I’ve quickly and crudely measured it at 14mm.
I’m not sure what the bearing point is but happy to measure with some guidance. Can go and grab some vernier calipers if needed.

@Adam thanks for the info - that’s great to know and yes I am in the UK.

@spinnnout - that’s exactly the info I needed.

Thanks to both. :+1:t2: :grinning:

Well my Endurace CF SL arrived a couple of days ago. :+1:t2: And being in the UK I’ll be using the headset bearings on the link from @Adam I’ll have a play around with fit at the weekend. Yes!