Canyon Endurace CF Disc Owners - mudguards

So, was I a bit stupid to have bought a bike with no mudguard mounts whilst living in the UK? Possibly but I love the thing lots… :joy:

As Winters coming (John Snow) along with drizzle and the general murk oat this time of year here in the UK… Has anyone else found the best mudguards for this bike? Or just the best they can find that fit?

If so can you share your experiences and recommendations - you’d be helping a fellow cyclist avoid having more of a wet and cold lower half than normal… If you help me out you can bask in the glory of doing so at your leisure whilst shining your halo :innocent:


I used the SKS Raceblade Pros on an Ultimate CF during last winter and found they did the job. Added a top flaps to the back so they run a bit closer to the ground for group rides as well

Check out Spatz overshoes if you want to go to the next level of staying dry and warm

The SKS racebaldes are a good choice…used them on a fixed gear commuter for a couple of years.

I used the SKS Speedrockers on my gravel bike and they work great…may be too big for a road bike though? Dunno…but they offer a bit more protection than the Racebaldes