Canyon Bikes Experiences?

By warrant the repair they mean they would happily put it back to how it was, but can’t guarantee the same thing won’t happen again.

As others have said look closely at the geometry charts and/or the their online sizing chart. Im 5’8" and I am riding an XS

I am looking at a Canyon and I’m 5’8 I tested rode a Ultimate XS and found it perfect, so perfect that I went and got a 90mm stem for my bike.

Im getting a new bike next year, it will be a Canyon. Just debating ultimate or Aeroad.

Ahh I missinterpreted the use of the word warrent in your post.

I was thinking about warrenty as in the costs are covered by the company, either Canyon or dealer

My experiance with Canyon has been limited. I ran into a little bit of money a couple of years ago and decided to buy a Madone 9.5, was the worst purchase of my life, with the brakes not working on delivered bike (had to be replaced), advertised with a seatpost range … fitted seatpost only did half that range and I had to buy a longer one, and just about every ride something went wrong, Trek support just made

Without running into any more money, I decided to get a Canyon Aerod (bottom of the range, Madone had eaten all my money) to replace the Madone, and the experience has been light and day, even opening the box was better than, being told I need to buy a longer seatpost.

I will say that Canyon wanted me to get the small, but my bike fit stack and reach put me at a medium, which fit me lovely, not had any problem in the following year (but still get “you made it all the way round with your bike braking” jokes on club rides)

I’m 5’ 8” and have an XS Ultimate. Perfect fit.

If the missus would allow it id drop the cash now…

Did you ever ride the Aeroad? I am torn between the two.

Unfortunately not. I’ve got short arms so I’d probably struggle with the lower front end

I don’t have a Canyon (yet) but a number of my friends do and they all love their Canyons.

If you have a Velofix franchise in your area, strongly consider spending the $95 for the “Canyon Service by Velofix” delivery option. My bike club has sponsorship deals with both Canyon and Velofix so I’ve seen the process up close. Using Velofix to get your Canyon is a great deal.

Velofix will assemble and deliver your bike. That is fine although Canyon’s are easy to assemble. But, the best part is that Velofix has a close relationship with Canyon so if you use their service, you get to leverage that relationship. Velofix also can help with fitting guidance and at least for my local Velofix team, they’ve been great assisting with support and running interference with Canyon if necessary. Its the best of both worlds - you get direct to consumer pricing but you get Velofix to be your bike shop.

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I have read somewhere that the warranty is void if you use the canyon on a trainer. is this correct?

I don’t see anything specific to trainers:

From DCRainmaker Tweet on April 25, 2019, in relation to Canyon getting into e-racing

“I love their bikes (Canyon), I bought one last winter and it’s my main road bike.However, I think their warranty policy in relation to trainers is crap and even more so weasely.”

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only use it for its intended purpose, see Intended Use warning on your bike,

Bikes of this category are designed for riding on hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact to the ground. These are in general road-racing bicycles with racing handlebars or straight handlebars, triathlon or time trial bicycles. The permissible maximum overall weight comprising rider, luggage and bicycle should not exceed 120 kg. Under certain circumstances, this permissible maximum weight can be further limited by the component manufacturers’ recommendations for use.

I wonder if this is what they hit you with.

I love my Canyon Aeroad!


That is an interesting note. I wouldn’t use it on the trainer as I have a dedicated craigslist find that is forever relegated to trainer duty but even then, it is a little troubling that they may disregard warranty claims for trainer related use.

Same. I wanted to buy an Inflight for my new cx rig, got sick of waiting for inventory and went with a Focus instead. Got a 2018 with better components for less. And I didn’t have to wait.

Their UK site is quite specific - sorta:

They don’t quite say it voids the warranty, but they say they don’t recommend it, and then there’s the obtuse:
“On the off chance that your Canyon bike sustains any serious non-warranty damage, our crash replacement program is an affordable option and also applies to any damage incurred through use with a turbo trainer.”

That’s as close to saying “don’t dream about making a warrantly claim if you use it on a trainer” without saying it as you can get.

Yes, it comes down to “intended use” as their potential out. How would they know damage was caused on a trainer :man_shrugging:

Or one can get an Ultimate CF SLX Dura Ace Di2 with discs at 6.9 kg for the road, plus get an aluminum Ultimate with 105 for the trainer, and still save a few thousand over one S works Tarmac.

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I have a 2018 Aeroad 8.0 Disc and its been a great bike. I could find similarly spec’d bikes from the usual players but this came with a $1500ish Reynolds carbon wheelset and the bikes from other brands came with essentially training wheels.

I’d echo what was said above to mind the SLX to SL switch they did in late 2018. The idea that I could get my whole hydro-disc Ultegra equipped race bike for what an S-Works frame costs is a pretty stark contrast. You can argue that the S-Works is better but at twice the money? I doubt it.

My hope is that when the new Aeroad comes out during the tour we see more trickle down again of the SLX frame to lower pricepoints.

I road my Aeroad for a 208 mile Gran Fondo with no complaints. I run 28mm Schwalbe Pro Ones tubeless on mine with no clearance issues. I think that higher tire volume with lower pressure helps turn any potentially rough riding race bike into a more versatile tool for long distances. That alone is one big reason for me to go disc.

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There’s enough space in the back for 28mm? I have the same bike and thought I was stuck with 25.