Can you use bald tyres on a turbo trainer?

The tyres on my trainer have worn bald - does it matter?

It only matters if you then take the bike outdoors on wet roads. Ask me how i know…


What’s the worst that could happen you wear them out? It’s not like they’ll cause an uncontrollable blow out on a twisty downhill etc. Go for it :+1:

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Eek - that would have been bad . . .

Yes, although I have found with bald Continental ones the tread separates from the side wall over about 1000 miles.

I’ve had 2 well worn tyres (5000+ miles) deform on the trainer and go out of round, put it down to heat and the casing having worn really thin. Another split down the side like someone above said.

In the end I bought a brand new wire beaded Conti Sport for £10 a used that.

I always used worn, squared, but not technically bald tire on my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Never had a problem except for a snake bite (front and rear on separate occasions) when I left it on the trainer w/low pressure for a long period (it’s a dedicated bike and occurred after a number of inactive months). The rear is probably from the drum as I didn’t release the tension and the front???