Can you tell ERG/Resistance/Standard mode when viewing a past ride?

Is there a way to tell whether a past ride from calendar or past rides was in ERG/Resistance/Standard mode? I was comparing past rides to one this week for benchmarking as I come back from an injury. I saw a higher normalized power and exceeded power targets which made me think it was not ERG mode. How would I know if I did not make a note at the time of the ride? Thanks all

Not any indication at all from a user side access, AFAIK.

TR might be able to see it in the logs on their side.

You might be able to work out if it was erg mode or not, but I don’t think you could tell resistance from standard mode.

With erg, on a lot of trainers, there is a delay between the interval start and the resistance kicking up. You might see that as a mismatch of the ‘demand’ and actual power lines. You could also compare your cadence to your power. With erg, you might have small changes in cadence that don’t show in the power output. Without erg, any change in cadence should also show in the power graph.

No worries thanks for the quick replies. Cadence was pretty steady and looks like ERG mode. It is my default setting. I will be more mindful to make a note if I deviate.

For any steady state effort, the difference between Erg and Std on my Neo 2T will be very obvious - as there’s no way my manually controlled output would ever be as steady as on Erg. But I don’t believe there’s any other way to tell (e.g. from workout details).

@Schmedlapp Chad is right! If you contact support and have a specific workout in mind that you’re curious about, they’ll be able to look at the internal logs to determine if you were riding in ERG/Resistance/Standard mode. Unfortunately theres no quick way to do this from your end, though.



Very interesting question. Just curious why you’re looking at the different modes (trying to see if I’m missing something). Thanks!

I am coming back from an injury and a past performance same ride had slightly higher NP and TSS above the set workout. Today’s workout felt like I was back at pre-injury level and I was comparing to past and wondering “Damn how did I get those numbers when my FTP today was higher than the past ride and I felt like I met the challenge in ERG mode”. Just tracking my recovery from a LisFranc dislocation and surgery


Thanks!!! Best of luck recovering and getting even faster than before!