Can you identify these wheels?

Can anyone help me identify what HED wheel and hubs these are? A co worker I hardly knew literally left these for me on my door step with no information then moved out of the country. I have only run relatively inexpensive carbon clinchers prior to this, gluing has always intimidated me, but figure I should race on these maybe (have my shop do gluing when needed) and train on the clinchers. Also the tires look in good shape, but is there life to the glue - I imagine these tires have been on a year or two. Any help is appreciated

I can’t tell exactly from that picture, but those very well could be counterfeits. HED does not make carbon rim clinchers and the HED Jet 5s (which resemble your picture) have an aluminum brake track, where this does not appear to have that.

Check out this, and note the comment from HED in the comments section:

They’re not clincher, sorry I was saying I generally I ride clinchers. These are tubular and pretty confident they’re legit. Guy bought nice everything to start racing then burnt out quickly. But will check that out in case.

I see… missed that. In that case, they actually look like Stinger 5s, which are pretty expensive wheels. I’ve never used tubs, so I can’t help you there, but if they are legit, then those are some nice wheels.

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