Can the Garmin 530 do TR Outdoor workouts?

Can you use the Garmin 530 with TR Outdoor workouts? I have temporarily downgraded from a 1030 to 530 yes I know it sounds crazy but it’s a long story. My 1030 is temporarily down and I am not patient enough to wait for the repair dudes to come back to work post holidays. So I picked up a 530 to get me thru the holidays when they come back to work.
What I can’t figure out is how to do TR Outside workouts on the 530 :man_shrugging: Now it’s possible TR Outdoor workouts don’t work with the 530… :thinking:

Yes you can. The 530 is referenced here in the TR article on how to use outside workouts on Garmin: Outside Workouts: Garmin Setup - TrainerRoad Blog


Yes, I use my 530 regularly for outdoor workouts. I recommend the article linked above.


Thanks for the quick reply. :man_facepalming: I had what you used to say back in the day a brain fart. I panicked as I had swithced down from the 1030 to the 530 and now I was pushing buttons vs the touch screen and and different opening menu etc etc… I panicked as I plan on doing most of my TR workouts outdoors on the MTB and well after reading your article duhhhh and booyah it all came back. Man I feel dumb… :rofl: thanks again and Merry Christmas and Hajppy Holidays.

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Got it thanks for the reply see response of mine above :man_facepalming: Thanks again enjoy the Holidays