Can indoor training substitute outdoors?

Hi all,

I am preparing for a 40km ITT in a year’s time. But due to work, side-work, and family commitment, it’s very hard for me to get out of the house to train. My question is, if I do let say 95% of the training indoors, with the occasional social ride or tempo effort outside, will I still have a good chance to be on my top game when I need to be?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, in fact I think your training will be better.


Yes. Can be more focused and specific.



Just kidding. Yes.

However, you have a year to schedule in some outside rides, esp. in the month prior to the race. You’ll want to run the course as many times as possible to get used to handling both the course and the TT bike.

Thanks Capt, I have scheduled in a couple of recon rides months leading up, just need to file a report to the boss to ask permission before I do XD. It’s a 3+ hour drive to the course, so there won’t be many chances to do it often. I have also planned to subscribe to Fulgaz in months leading up as well because they have my course, only thing is it’s not going to help is the bike handling.