Campy 11s rim brake groupsets - spare parts outlook?


I am planning to build a new frame and worry about the availability of spare parts for rim brake groupsets in the future. The thing is that I have a really beautiful Chorus 11s groupset with rim brakes that I would like to keep and swap over to the new bike. However, I worry that this might be a bit short-sighted with regard to the availability of spare parts in case somethings wears down or is damaged (rims, Ergopower, rear derailleur).

Function is of no concern here. My gravel and mountain bikes have hydraulic discs, so I know what to expect and what advantages I would forgo.

If anyone can shed some light on how to assess the availability of spare parts for rim brake groupsets, I would appreciate it.


Have you asked campy directly, or perhaps your campy dealer?

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I just wouldn’t worry about it especially if you already own the group. Campy makes spares much longer than SRAM or Shimano and you can always have a dealer order it or find it on ebay if need be. Go look for a 1970/80s Campagnolo rear derailleur - plenty are available.

The other great thing about Campagnolo 11 speed is that if you need an Ergopower lever, for example, you can fit Chorus, Record, or Super Record and they work identically. It’s the same with the front and rear derailleurs.

If 5 years from now, you really couldn’t find a part then you could always just buy current 12 speed Chorus/Record shifters and derailleurs and even use them with your existing crankset and brakes. 12 speed rim brake is a current group.

If you decided to buy all new 12 speed group today, by the time you needed a part in 5 or 7 years, it’s possible that this group would have been discontinued as well. You’d be in the same position.

Rims - wheels and rims will be available for the foreseeable future. It’s still current technology. Hardly anyone uses tubulars and they are widely available.

I just wouldn’t worry about it. It could take a decade or more for rim brake parts to completely disappear if that even happens.


I’m riding 20 year old 9spd dura ace (because I like it). Parts are always to be found online. Even new in box. eBay is your friend.


If you break something and you need advice, there are a bunch of long-time Campy aficionados on The Paceline, which is a cycling forum (originally it was the Serotta forum, but a lot of fans of other custom bikes or nice bikes in general hung out, so Serotta decided to spin the forum off). You may have a bike store near you who specializes in Campy, or you may not. If not, Vecchios in Colorado has repaired/maintained my Ergopower levers in the past, and I am pretty sure they’d still offer some repair services.

My thoughts on parts availability for older groups in general is just worry about it when you break something. You may be able to eBay the spare part, or a whole replacement lever or derailleur or whatever.

If you’re talking about rim brakes and nice groupsets in general, then that’s an open question. SRAM has stated they’re all in on wireless electronic + hydraulic brakes. Red and Force AXS have rim brake versions, but it’s a good bet that they won’t have a 13s group with rim brakes, and it almost looks like they can’t be bothered to update their mechanical 11s groups to 12s. Shimano’s plans seem up in the air, but 6 months ago I’d have bet that they’d still release 12s rim brake groups. I would bet money that Campagnolo will be the last of the big 3 to ditch rim brakes.

I guess that at some point down the road, it’s possible that nobody will offer a performance-level group (e.g. 105 or equivalent) with rim brakes. I don’t know when that will be. I will be sad when (if?) that happens. But I don’t plan on worrying about it because I can’t control it.

If I were building a new road bike today, I’d strongly lean towards discs, in no small part because my other bike is disc and most of the tech development dollars are going to be on disc groups. The thing is, you also aren’t guaranteed that the frame standards will remain constant years later when that group wears out. What if the mounting standard changes from flat mount? I mean, my understanding is that it is kind of finicky in that it demands pretty tight tolerances to work quietly. Maybe they come up with something better. Maybe they need a wider rear triangle because we’re on 1x15 or 1x16 groups. We don’t know either.


Thank you all for your responses :smiley: I am going to talk to my dealer, but I think that he will also say that it probably is not a major concern. So, my mind’s at ease and I most probably will keep my trusty Campy groupset.

BTW @cfuttner I had the 9 speed DA once and could kick myself for selling it - one of the reasons why I’m so reluctant to sell the Chorus. Still have 952 XTR on the MTB - best groupset ever made.