Call for Participants - U of T Training Study, p/b TrainerRoad

It looked to me like the “personal information” page of the registration was indeed HTTPS.

Yes of course, it’s the site of the University of Toronto after all. I would be very surprised if it wasn’t.

However, the first one isn’t and honestly I don’t find acceptable in 2020, even if it doesn’t manage private data.

Of course. We had to hold ourselves to a higher standard, despite expecting a much larger number of subjects than what is typically seen in sport science research, as I’m sure you know. Because of the openness of the design and all the possible sources of heterogeneity.

That depends on how much training volume you want to complete on top of the two key HIIT workouts each week. If you keep the same training duration as usual but you’ve been used to a lot of sweet spot, smash fests, a couple Zwift races each week, yeah the TSS might be lower than you’re used to.

You can and should use your typical training set-up, as long as TrainerRoad has a smart trainer to control, and is receiving reliable power data.

I’ll pass that along.

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Yes, I am too old too. :frowning:


Sweet. So, how large of a sample size did you come up with? And since these interval workouts or at least the comparisons are apparently novel, what was the basis for your calculations?

Just trying to help you avoid spinning your wheels like this.

(Too bad Dr. Stepto passed away earlier this year. It would be interesting to get his present take on this old study.)

You’ll have to trust that our numbers satisfied the stats guys enough to give us the thumbs up to run the study in the first place.

The more subjects we get, the more confident we can be in the results. What are you doing for the next couple months? :wink:

Hopefully we can build on Dr. Stepto’s good work.


Actually, no, I don’t. Once the study is completed and published, the power can be back-calculated.

As for your question, the answer is not disrupting my life to contribute to your quixotic quest.

I’d love to participate if I wasn’t already in the middle of a plan. Also don’t pay much mind to the resident troll, likes to post random studies at every opportunity and then aggressively confront everyone like some supreme intellectual keyboard warrior. Probably doesn’t even cycle


Friendly reminder for everyone to not get personal. “Attack the idea, not the person”.


What’s the budget? If you split the cost of an erg-capable trainer with me, I’ll just have to join. :man_shrugging: Fluid dumb trainer is still going strong, though.

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I am hovering between 600 and 700 TSS and 10-12 hours. How would your workout regime look like? I assume the two higher intensity session add up to around 150 TSS. The lower intensity sessions to around 30 TSS per hour. So about 20 hours to get to 700 TSS. Am I right or am I missing something?

Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere, but when would participants be expected to start the program? I’m interested in participating, but worry that Christmas travel plans may interrupt the program. If I could start the program in the new year, I could definitely participate.

This should be the answer:


This is a major sticking point for me. I haven’t been out for two weeks and I’m itching to get out on the road later today. No way could I go 8 weeks. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you could allow one weekly low intensity ride outside then I’d sign up.

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Riding with my kids to their elementary school count as exercise / cycling training?

Would you record it on TP or TR as training load? If no, then you’re all good.

What’s the latest I could start? It sounds very similar to how I’ve been training, although I’ve just gone down from 2 to 1 HIIT per week and greatly increased my strength training, and I really don’t want to skip the strength work at the moment.

I do all my endurance work on the Elite Nero rollers and the high intensity intervals on the Kickr, both power matched with Assioma pedals. It’s getting too cold to ride outside in Switzerland and I’ll be avoiding skiing this season due to Covid :thinking: