Calibration device question

Something I’m a bit confused about… (sorry if this has been asked before!)

When you perform a spindown (I’m using Kickr Core) can you use any device to do it? Or is the result of the spindown only communicated to the software you are using?

For example I use my phone to perform the spindown on the Wahoo app as I find the TrainerRoad spindown on PC a bit buggy, but when I’m actually using the trainer I’m using TR on the PC.

I guess I assumed that a calibration would set something on the hardware itself, but now questioning myself. :thinking:


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  • The spindown calibration can be done on any compatible device/app. The results get stored in the trainer for that point forward, for use in any other device/app.

So, do the calibration with whatever works easiest for you.

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Brilliant, thanks.

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