Calf size and hip stability = more power?

Question for my physio and biohacker>

So I have been thinking about the relationship between generating more power on the bike and the relationship to the size of your calf muscles and hip stability.

  1. You calf and ankles are the main pieces for transferring the power you generate to the bike so, it would seem that ankle mobility/stiffness would play a big part in transferring the power you genrate to the bike along with the size of your calf. How can I prove / disprove this?’

  2. Hip stability would control how well your power gets transferred down the kinetic chain. Weaker hip or too much hip rotation would work agains power transfer.

Any experts care to help me figure this out. I’m really curious as to why some folks can generate huge power numbers and some can’t even though they have similar times in the saddle.

Am I making any sense?